Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Confederate Memorial Chapel, Richmond, Virginia

Via Southern Nationalist Network

MEMORIAL DAY, Monday May 28 @ 10:00am at the Confederate Memorial Chapel: 2900 Grove Avenue, Behind the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts on the Blvd. Preservationist, Historian, and Author - John V. Quarstein will present a program on the C.S.S. VIRGINIA - "Sink Before Surrender", a story of the courageous battle against the Federal Navy in the Harbor of Hampton Roads. It's possible that SCV CiC, Michael Givens and the Great-Great Grandson of Jefferson Davis will be at the Memorial Day Service. If you are in Richmond or in Virginia, make plans for the many events in Richmond for Memorial Day.


  1. What a beautiful Chapel.
    Miss Violet

  2. That was for the old soldiers. I'm trying to find the pictures I have from quite a few years ago when Dixie and I went. Boy, the Reverend was a die hard Southerner and there was no doubt about it after hearing his sermon!:) I visited the women's home before the last few were illegally moved and it was just beautiful. Like going back in time. I could have stayed all day conversing with the daughters.