Monday, May 7, 2012


Open your eyes America; the freedoms that we all hold so dear are being stripped away bit by bit. Freedoms that were paid for in the blood of Patriots are slowly being eroded away by what is becoming a monolithic and all-powerful government.

Our Constitution is being ignored, our states rights are becoming nonexistent, the Department of Justice is becoming a Gestapo that dictates the affairs of sovereign states, the Presidency is becoming like a Monarchy that rules by executive order and the fiat of czars who regulate huge fiefdom through no other power than presidential decree, bypassing a duly elected Congress and thereby, we the people.

If the Supreme Court does not strike down the Obama health care bill or it is not rescinded by a new president, the federal government will be given more power than any government in the history of this nation, with sweeping powers to dictate who gets how much medical attention and when you get it or whether you'll get any at all.

People over a certain age whose productive days are behind them will be denied major procedures such as heart and liver transplants.

Bureaucracies will play God in the administration of major medical procedures doling them out at the discretion of a pencil pusher using a mortality chart on which everybody becomes a number not a name.

Remember what Obama said about giving Grandma a pain pill rather than a pacemaker? He wasn't joking.

There is a move afoot to control what children are able to eat. Remember the little girl whose turkey sandwich was taken away from her by some school official?

And it won't stop with school lunches; it will soon be coming to your own dining room table.

The right to educate your children in the way you want was taken away from you a long time ago and is now administered by teachers unions whose guidelines are established by the ACLU victories in the courts.

Soon there will be a war on homeschooling and parochial schools as the move toward absolute control goes into full swing, which would happen on the first day of a second Obama term, should this nation be foolish enough to give him one.

Private ownership of guns could well be the battle of the next decade because the powers that be know Americans are not going to give up our constitutionally mandated right without a fight and an armed public is a dangerous public.

There are so many points of manipulation that can cripple the nation in a matter of days. Shortages are not always caused by short supply.

Back in the seventies during the gas shortage I crossed the Oakland Bay Bridge and sitting right there in the water were probably near a hundred tankers loaded with crude oil with no place to offload it. The system was clogged due to the manipulation of the oil companies.

There was plenty of crude oil; it was just not being distributed.

Well imagine government and industry working together. So you think it couldn't happen?

Check out General Electric.

When Obama turned down the Keystone pipeline, it had nothing to do with ecology and everything to do with losing an increment of power by not controlling oil flow.

When Obama turns down licenses for off shore drilling or fracking or any other source of oil it's not green, it's red as in the color of socialism.

For what Obama wants to do, it will take total government control over every aspect of American life because he wants it all.

Well Mr. Obama this country doesn't belong to you, it belongs to We The People, and I can't speak of anybody but myself, but I will fight you tooth and nail.

I will fight you in the voting booth and every other means at my disposal to foil your devilish plot.

The U.S. Treasury is not your piggy bank, the public lands are not yours to turn over to some global cabal, the people of this nation are not your sheep to be herded in whichever direction you want them to go and the edicts of the U.S. Constitution is not elective. If you don't abide by it you're breaking the law of the land.

I will pray to the Creator of the universe to put a stop to your march toward totalitarianism?

You can do something about me, but you can't do anything about Him.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, and for our country.

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels


  1. "You can do something about me, but you can't do anything about Him"


    That's good. I think I have something in my eye...