Monday, May 7, 2012

Train smashes through big rig full of cotton in NC

Video has emerged of a train in North Carolina ripping in half a tractor-trailer full of cotton.

A woman can be heard screaming in terror as the train quickly approaches the big rig stuck on the tracks in Kings Mountain on Friday. The driver and passenger are seen running to safety just as the locomotive plows through the truck, scattering bales of cotton everywhere.

“The arms came down and they were still in the truck, trying to get it off,” a witness told WSOC.

At least five more stranded trucks have been hit by trains at the same intersection in the last 10 years. Just a day before, a flat-bed truck got stuck on the tracks, but was freed before the next train came.

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  1. Jesus Christ, girl. Get a grip.

  2. There goes old boy's safety bonus too. Trailer dollies got hung up on the rails, I bet.
    Note the "absolutely no trucks crossing" signs plastered all over.

    Loco went through that trailer like buttah.

    Kinda cool watching it happen. Better him than me.

    Girl spazzed like a pro. Something tells me she would be of little use in a real crisis.

  3. And another thing...the YouTube comments are priceless! :D

    Additionally, note how the train engineer lays on the horns way after impact! I know he was mad at the pure imbecility of the truck driver and how now he had to stop the train...miles from the impact point...and walk back and do lots of dumb paperwork.

    This video made my day.

    Thanks, Brock!

  4. :)!

    Note the "absolutely no trucks crossing" signs plastered all over.

    The mayor wasn't too happy. Thank you!