Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Comment on: U.S. Army Purchases Riot Gear As Fears Over Civil Unrest Grow

Got Militia?


You can dress Johnny up, but can you make him dance?

On the other side of the coin I think they will actually need that gear to protect Americans.

The scenario I see unfolding is this:

On a day we will not be aware of the credit of the united States will run out. On that day the foreign bankers from the Fed will take a cab out to La Guardia and board foreign flag carriers en-route back to Europe or perhaps South America. They will all be gone by noon, and the clerks and mid level managers will start to panic. Then at around 2 PMafter the afternoon papers hit the street the Treasury will order all of the banks to close down, and so will Wall Street.
The 6PM News will tell of ATM's and online banking being unavailable.

The next morning when the first groups can't buy their Starbucks or gas folks will begin to get angry. By 10 AM the news will be full of politicians asking for calm as they "Sort" out the problems and begin to promise the banks will be closed only till the end of the weekend and that everyone should start home.

By this time the state funded portions of Welfare, unemployment, and Medicaid will be out of funds. The lunch hour restaurants still open will begin to explode as all of those who eat off of their Debit cards find them useless. The rest of the people will make mad runs on the local stores and when they can't use credit and debit cards will start hauling the goods out over incoming patrons.

Those with money will get it taken from them by panicking people and the war will be on. States will call up the reserves, but most members will be out stealing food and gas for their families. The rest will have no way to report. By the next morning there will be a need for the Military to respond, but I suspect most of them will refuse the call so they can stay home and protect their families.

The ones who are single, and separated from their homes by hundreds of miles, will be all they get. Most of these will be new officers and young privates.

Where will the Militia be? Home with the family. Where will the LEO be? Home with the family.

By day 4 the inner city, and youth that have always operated off their Debt cards and play-stations, will be out in groups looking for food, fun, and Sex. The store they will be shopping in will be your house and mine. The piles of bodies and burning buildings will mark the closed stores.

So if the feds want to order some updated riot gear for the ones who show up I say go ahead.

I don't feel them spending it on goods in our factories will hurt anyone and when we pick it up off the ground it will still be good. Maybe a bit soiled.


  1. Good article! The thing about riot gear is that it only protects up to knives. Some shields are ballistic but those are only up to handgun caliber. So the question is why even buy them at all?

  2. It's the taxpayer's money, so they don't care!:)

  3. "...why even buy them at all?"


    For the fear factor. The vast majority of sheep will be greatly intimidated by the riot gear. It will help control those sheep. For a short while. :)

  4. The vast majority of sheep will be greatly intimidated by the riot gear.

    Good point.