Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Santa Claus

Dedicated Dad's comment on NC: Another Stooge Heard From

"...They'rrrrrree....makin' a list
and checkin' it twice!
Gonna remember who's naughty and nice!
Pa-tri-ots are coming,
To TOOOooowwwn!..."

See, CONgressPERSON (*NOT* "...man"!)- you regime-fellators ain't the ONLY ones who can :"make lists"...

Don't get me wrong - I'm not SAYIN' -- I'm just sayin'...

"...Well, we will have some, but as far as the breakdown, I'm not sure at all. I'm skeptical that we will have the majority, but will be happy to be proven wrong.:)...>>

I've pondered this a lot, and even asked a few active-duty folk what THEY think...

Basically, my unscientific research would indicate that most of the "grunts" would likely follow orders - at least at first - but there *WILL* be dissent, and there *WILL* be deserters. There will even be some who will shoot the officers who give them illegal orders and threaten punishment if they're not followed.

After a few such incidents, and the obvious questioning and discomfort most would have at being ordered to mistreat or even KILL fellow AMERICANS, there's a strong likelihood that more and more will defect and join "freefor"...

Bottom line: It ain't gonna be pretty for the regime - which is why they're bringing in all the blue-helmets to "cross train" as they practice for the future...

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