Monday, August 20, 2012

Rules for Obama Radicals: Vote Fraud, Intimidation, and Chaos

Mike Scruggs

In 1960, Chicago Mayor Richard Daly ran an impressive get-out-the-vote campaign for Democratic presidential candidate John F. Kennedy. The Nixon-Kennedy race in 1960 was a cliffhanger, so Mayor Daly’s delivery of an impressive Democratic voter turnout won Jack Kennedy the City of Chicago, Cook County, and the State of Illinois. Two states where massive vote fraud was suspected—Illinois and Texas—made Kennedy President of the United States. Daly’s victory-producing management of the Chicago election machine was more than spectacular. Credible accusations have been made that it was supernatural. According to these accusations, thousands of people rose from the dead to vote for John Kennedy. Nixon won 92 of 101 counties in Illinois, but despite its heavily Republican Chicago suburbs, Daly’s Chicago gave Kennedy a margin of 450,000 in Cook County, winning Illinois by less that 9,000 votes of 4.75 million cast. In 1962, three Cook County election officials were convicted of vote fraud. Richard Nixon, President Eisenhower, and Senators Dirksen (R, IL) and Goldwater (R, AZ), all believed vote fraud played a significant part in Kennedy’s election.

In Texas, Kennedy got 51 percent of the vote versus Nixon’s 49 percent, winning by 46,000 votes. Despite this 46,000-vote margin, Republicans contended that Lyndon Johnson’s Democratic vote machine had stolen the election by massive vote fraud along the counties bordering Mexico. In Fannin County, there were only 4,895 registered voters, but 6,138 votes were counted, about three-quarters of them for Kennedy. In one precinct in Angelina County, Kennedy received more votes than the total of registered voters. The Republicans contested Texas, but the Texas Board of Elections—all Democrats—declared Kennedy the winner before an election challenge could be properly filed.

In five other states—Hawaii, Missouri, California, New Mexico, and New Jersey—Kennedy’s margin of victory was less than one percent. The Republican Party challenged the vote in eleven states.

In his final analysis, Richard Nixon did not contest the election because he believed such a legal contest would tie up the American Presidency in the courts for years and destroy the American people’s confidence in our democratic election process. The result would have been political and foreign policy chaos. Yet it is not comforting to know that massive vote fraud did occur in Chicago and along the border of Texas and Mexico and may have determined a presidential election.

Is winning a national presidential election by fraud this November less likely than in 1960? The unfortunate answer is that attempted election fraud is even more likely. Is President Obama’s former Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, not now the Mayor of Chicago? Does he not embrace Chicago values and reject Biblical Judeo-Christian values? Emanuel is the gold standard of ruthless political opportunism.

Most Americans believe voter ID laws are a fair and reasonable prevention of voter fraud. Proof of identity is necessary to get a mortgage, auto loan, or even to cash a check. Yet most Democratic legislators claim making someone get an ID to vote is racist. President Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, says the fact that minorities do not turn out to vote in the same percentages as whites is sufficient evidence of discrimination and voter suppression. Few minority voters actually believe such baloney. The only reason to reject voter ID is to commit voter fraud. No one outside of a politically correct straightjacket believes elections without voter ID requirements are likely to be fair and honest. Holder even wants to make voting mandatory, as in many Communist countries. Holder also failed to prosecute New Black Panther Party bullies engaged in 2008 voter intimidation.

Illegal immigration is probably the most formidable potential means for massive voter fraud, especially with all the politically correct restrictions on immigration enforcement. Obama’s recent illegal amnesty of one million “Dream Act” qualifiers—many by fraudulent documents or no documents at all—have already turned into two million, and in my opinion, will probably result in three million amnesties. Obama’s intention is that as many as possible should be made legal voters as quickly as politically feasible. Republican failure to oppose President Obama’s illegal amnesty actions will eventually bury Republican prospects of winning national elections.

While the Obama administration is straining ever nerve to maximize the potential for vote fraud, it is obstructing the military vote by condoning late mailing of absentee ballots resulting in fewer ballots returned. In 2010, less than five percent of the Republican leaning military voters overseas were able to cast ballots that counted.

Of course, we still have Obama’s own Acorn vote-fraud chaos specialists under many front-names. There are over 1.8 million dead people on U.S. voter rolls to work with. About 2.75 million voters are registered in more than one state. Approximately 12 million voter addresses are incorrect, most of them having moved or died. Yet Obama’s Justice department is actively blocking states from cleaning up their voter rolls before the November election.

If Obama cannot win an electoral victory honestly, his actions strongly suggest that his backup strategy is massive fraud, intimidation, and chaos. His campaign is already hiring legions of lawyers to block election certifications unfavorable to him and his party. Part of his strategy may be a total breakdown of the election system. Out of chaos will come totalitarian power. It is all in his mentor, Saul Alinsky’s book, Rules for Radicals. Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao couldn’t be prouder.

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