Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Reidsville Monument

Via Billy Bearden

NCUDC Pres Aileen Ezell:
"We do not wish to be a factor in any unpleasantness that may occur if the statue is allowed to remain in its present location."

Reidsville Mayor James Festerman:
"Once it's down, I think it sends the wrong message to put it back up"

February 1st, 2012
Confederate Courier
Aileen Ezell to all NC UDC members:

"...It was decided unanimously by the membership at Winter Board to relocate the Reidsville Monument to the plot owned by the UDC in the Confederate section of the Reidsville City cemetery. It was also unanimously decided to contract for the replacement of the broken soldier who is beyond repair..."

From: Ted Monnich
Sent: Friday, June 17, 2011 11:29 AM
To: Michael@ci.reidsville.nc.us
Subject: Damaged Monument

Michael,Thank you for all of the good photographs of the damaged monument.I believe that the monument can be restored, and displayed in it's original outdoor location, on the town square.My initial estimate for the restoration of the monument, based on your photographs, for labor,materials and associated expenses.is $28,000.00.The process will involve cleaning with enzymatic solutions, and repair of the monument using natural marble, pinning, and marble-specific adhesive resins. It will also involve reseating the base and pedestal prior to replacing the soldier.

Best regards,
Ted Monnich
Conservator www.sculpturepreservation.com

"...Sadly, subsequent legal action by the SCV, who claims ownership of
the monument, has delayed this work. Upon advice from our lawyer, we have delayed beginning work on the monument.Documents obtained from correspondence between SCV officials reveal they are claiming ownership of all our monuments.Distortions and untruths continue to be their forte..."

(NOTES: Legal action is by HPAC, not SCV. SCV has never tried to claim all monuments as their own. Instead of settling for the repair and restore cost of $28,000.00, the UDC managed to get $105,000.00 from insurance companies to remove it to the cemetery)


That was just 6 months ago. 2 weeks ago a story broke out of Waynesville NC regarding forced removal of Confederate Memorial flags, and NCUDC Pres Ezell once again offered her unique 'Surrender at all costs' position:

“The best thing to do in this case is not to replace the flag you are using and let the matter die a natural death. We gain nothing by fighting this. It is amazing to me that such a small flag has caught so much attention.”


  1. Re-righting our past on monument at a time.

    "It is amazing to me that such a small flag has caught so much attention."

    "All this for a flag?"

    Channeling the first wookie I see.

    Duty. Honor. Country. Lost on "people" who are only proud of their country when an usurper takes control with the intent of reconstruction.

    1. Yes!

      "No Man Can Take Those Colors And Live"

  2. Why do people run from their history? They should embrace it and learn from it, and take comfort in it.

    Miss Violet

    1. It's bad enough that the PTB hide it, but when the UDC does it, it's treasonable.

  3. The south has too many Yankees and Yankee collaborators living there. They are destroying Southern Culture a little at a time. To them the Civil War was about slavery and is an embarrassment for the South and they are trying to strike it from the annals of history.