Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Carteret County Homeschool shooting team

 I guess completion from publix skool shooting teams will be intense...........::)


I have been speaking with Randy Kell from Newport. He is willing to start a homeschool shooting team (middle school aged-11-14.) He also said with homeschoolers you can actually be a part of it as long as you are not 16 before March.

So...if anyone is interested, this is the basics & if we have enough interested, Randy will hold a meeting for all the logistics.

15 minimum needed...boys or girls,ages...11-14, 6th-8th grade, have to be in Carteret County only. They do skeet, archery, 22 rifle, and orienteering

They compete in March. They will have to have Hunter's Safety Course in order to compete and Randy teaches this as well.

Kids have to supply their own shells

There is no joining fee...just supply own shells & transportation.

They are District 2 which covers Carteret county to Pitt county. They usually only go out of town for competition...which has been in the Hampstead area the last couple of years.

Practice would be held in Newport off Mason town Rd.

So, this is the basics. If interested, please let me know & if we have at least 15 (boys or girls welcome, we can set up a meeting time.


Susan Walker


  1. All Homeschools should teach shooting. My Grandfather taught me. He used the Springfield 30-06 with reduced loads. He taught me to field strip the bolt. I was 11 years old. He gave me his Springfield. I've still got it. That was in 1945.
    Learn it right, kids. Thomas Jefferson would be proud.

  2. I've still got it.

    I am sure you will pass it down with instructions to always keep it in the family.

  3. Does the Mason Town Rd facility have a real skeet field?

    I'd be interested in learning more... please contact me...

    1. I have no idea and this post is two years old. You might call tomorrow. Thanks.

      BTW completion S/B competition, . :)