Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tennessee man shot and killed during Craigslist gun sale

Marguerite's grandaughter, Lauren (Jimmy's daughter) was married in June.  Last Sat. night, her husband was shot and killed in a West Nashville shopping center parking lot. He and his brother-in-law were meeting people they had contacted through Craigslist to sell them handguns.  I just happened to see that David's wife, Marcie, and Cornelia Anne had posted on Facebook.

I confirmed last night by email with Marcie.  She and David were leaving early this morning to go to Nashville for the funeral. His name is John McLean and you can find his obituary online this morning by just Googling his name and TN. Handsome guy.  Funeral tomorrow. 


The suspects, described only as two black men, fled in a car.

A Tennessee man was shot and killed Saturday during a meeting to sell guns to two men who answered an ad on Craigslist.

Joshua McLean, 30, of Nashville, and his brother met the two men at a Nashville shopping center Saturday night, according to a WTVF-TV report.

Joshua McLean's brother told police he heard two gunshots when Joshua got out of his car in the parking lot. Then he found his brother lying between two cars, bleeding. Officials believe Joshua was shot twice in the chest.

The men jumped into a vehicle and drove away. Joshua was taken to Vanderbilt Medical Center, where he later died from his wounds.

Police said Joshua and his brother were planning to sell guns, but they were recovered at the scene. The gun used to kill Joshua was not one of his own.

Officers are working with Craigslist to obtain any information on the people who were taking part in the transaction. has a list on its website of items users cannot advertise to sell. The list includes weapons, including "firearms, ammunition, silencers, pellet/BB guns, tear gas or stun guns."


  1. Damn.

    Kinda risky dealing boomsticks face-to-face to folks one doesn't know in a parking lot at night.

    Don't think I would do it.

    Guess I'm a pussy.

    The only time I've ever sold a gun was to a local FFL gun shop so I could buy something I REALLY wanted.

    1. Yes, I've only sold 3, a Remington 1100 and a .357 8inch Colt Python which I had bought in '75 when I came back from Vietnam. I sold them to buy a Saga 12 and a Bulgarian AK. Made some off the 1100, but made over a 500% profit on the Python. The third was a NAA .380 which I didn't like, so I lost on that and bought my .357 LCR.

  2. This was (a long) walking distance from my house. I was in that parking lot a couple hours before this happened. It's not a place you'd expect to have such a thing happen, at least under typical circumstances. Granted, there are an increasing number of burglaries and desperate people in the area, but it hasn't been to the extent that you would expect this sort of problem.

    Now, there are a few somewhat rough areas not too far from there.


    1. Now, there are a few somewhat rough areas not too far from there.

      I am sure. I just added two items. Can't figure this out as they didn't take anything.

    2. I note that the news reports here are more interested in Craigslist's policy on weapons than on actually giving a description of the car. It's almost like they are trying to say "see, if you have guns, this is what will happen to you", while trying to make darned sure that the criminals don't get caught by not providing any information on what caliber weapon was used to kill him or what the escape vehicle looked like. Because it's almost certain that they have it.


    3. it's almost certain that they have it.

      Yes and one of the items I added was a description of the men and it was the only account that mentioned it, but boy if they had been white, it would have been plastered all over the place and they would be delving into militias. What hypocrites.