Thursday, October 18, 2012

An Angry Little Dog


As is typical, the Patriot/Liberty movement is divided. Like a pie cut into three pieces, there are hard lines marking the division of each piece, wholly separate and lifted out of the tin at any moment.

In viewing the upcoming election there are three distinct views: elect Obama again and get the ball rolling toward a reset; elect Romney and gain a little more time to make preparations and organize a resistance; or vote for an independent (most often Gary Johnson) and avoid the "lesser of two evils" vote so many of us detest.

The action part of the movement is divided into three separate divisions: hunker down and make preparations to survive the economic or political cataclysm that is inevitable; take the fight to Washington right now; or continue to work politically to find the right candidate and back them to the hilt.

The economic side is equally divided: get out of the system entirely, or as much as possible; drain the beast by obtaining as many government hand-outs as possible driving it close to insolvency and thereby expediting the collapse; or continue on as usual making preparations and buying precious metals as often as possible as insurance against the economic collapse.

I could agree with any and all of the above options. The point is not the method, it is the outcome, but it is all marred by where the movement currently stands: we are divided. As liberty-minded people we seek individuality, have our own thoughts and act by our own conscience. This makes us a very unwieldy group, one almost incapable of action because once a person steps out and says: "This is the way to go" there is as much resistance from within as from without.

Society in general is lagging behind our own steps, slow to arrive at a point of action, avoiding conflict wherever possible and some dependent upon the very system they now detest.

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  1. What is desperately needed at this point is a reputable nationally recognized LEADER , who can pull these groups together under one banner.For anyone contemplating getting involved with these Patriot Militia group,s , know this ; failure is not an option. The people of this place just don't seem to understand that they are viewed by Washington puppet's and their Wall st. master,s as 'owned property ' little more than owned livestock to be extorted and worked all the productive year,s of their live,s. When they are elderly and nearing retirement , hurry up and die and get out of the way!. ( Obama care death panel,s and end of life counselor,s ? ). Ruby Ridge , Waco and other less publicized incident,s of sovereign citizen,s being butchered by the enforcement arm of the bankster,s are definite statement,s . You will not be ALLOWED to retire to some mountaintop fortress to live peacefully with like minded soul,s. This is all about someone demanding total control over every aspect of your life. Someday these people will look out to find themselves surrounded by professional murderer,s , with unlimited resources. They will collect Shylock,s pound of flesh or they will kill you. And this 3% business , it ain,t enough.

    1. if you follow that train of thinking, what is going to keep TPTB from taking out your national leader?

    2. Yes, as has been said often, the chances are that you could kill anyone in the world if you are willing to sacrifice your life.

  2. Violet as you say the fault`s of a defined pyramid command structure are obvious . But in order for anything like this to ever succeed there is going to have to be some degree of unit cohesion . If there are no clearly stated objective,s with all unit,s in agreement on the final goal,s , then they will be little more than armed group,s being hunted by the pro`s . There was a retired Army general wrote an essay on the formation of militia`s who`s name I can`t recall offhand . In it he give`s this warning ; Beware of other militia group`s on first contact, they may be nothing more than armed bandit's who could care less about the cause your fighting for.

    1. they may be nothing more than armed bandit's who could care less about the cause your fighting for.

      I am sure. PATCONs are a good way of attempting to weed out those who wish us harm like the despicable POS who entrapped Moose. When I was in military school, I was taught that entrapment was illegal, of course, I was also taught the Constitution which clearly reveals to me that the current occupant of the WH is illegal also.