Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Post-Republic America

 A intuitive comment by K.R. 

Those that still feel a need

•to be governed by others, or
•to govern others

take 30 paces forward turn and face me. Those that don't form to my right as a firing squad. Now do what must be done.

Now go and live your life as a free person, being prepared every minute of every day to defend yourself against those that would rob you and your family of your life, liberty, or property. The fight is never won once-and-for-all.




Everyone will come to the same conclusion at different times, in their own fashion. Some will be happy and some will be sad, but none can avoid the awful truth presented to us all without mercy in the last election: We are living in the post-republic America.

De Tocqueville knew it immediately and it has taken the better part of two centuries to accomplish the hazard he saw in the new American-style of government. Not that it was new to de Tocqueville, at least the understanding of democracy did not escape him, but when he remarked (paraphrased) that America would survive until the people realized they could vote themselves largess from the public treasury, he saw our future.

The last election was the first one I know of where the people dependent on government, or interested in the spoils to be had from electing one individual over another stood up to demand their loot. Be that "free" medicine and medical care, an extension of unemployment benefits (when the election was past and a higher unemployment figure could be tolerated) or just the greed of demanding more money from the wealthy, it is all the same.

Social Security was the first abomination to sink into the American psyche and become embedded, largely because it was paid into by those who planned to use its benefits later. Had the government treated these funds more responsibly, it might have actually worked as a sort of national 401K, but they stole the money and spent it on their pet projects and political payoffs and handed us all back an IOU.

The point is that with Social Security's facade of personal investment the socialist agenda wormed its way into the brains of even right-leaning Americans. They feel that they have put money in and expect to get money out. The larger question is lost in the same way, a generation hence, Obamacare for all of its faults and follies will be accepted as a given.

This is why this election marked the post-republic America, because it was the turning point, the ultimate tipping point, the one that the socialists and Marxists had been working toward all these years. Romney lost the election on the mobilization of the takers along with the understanding that he would not reverse any of the key legislation that had vexed so many patriotic and liberty-minded individuals who did not bother to turn out. Combine that with illegal aliens of all races and backgrounds disenfranchising legal voters and the outcome is a perfect fit for the Marxists.

So, here we are: democracy has supplanted the republic at last. The laws are not Constitutional after the warped interpretations of Marxists judges leaning always toward greater government control rather than greater liberty and limited government power. So there is no rule of law consistent with Constitutional limitations, which is a destruction of the republic in itself.

Ours is no longer a system where the citizen chooses to forgo some of his wealth in order to secure stability and proper government, it is a system where the comfort of one citizen in one age is able to secure that comfort from the toil of a citizen in a subsequent age, those yet to be born. Those citizens had no say in the spending and accumulation of debt to be handed to them on their birthday. Yes, we have all inherited some of this burden from previous generations, but not to this magnitude and not to this detriment. The revolving debt of government is now to a weight that the subsequent generations will be crushed by it, enslaved by it, without voice or vote.

The question now is: Where do we go from here?

I have described above the fact that the republic for these specific reasons is dead. We are a democracy now, no matter how the laws are formed or what our pledge of allegiance says. A republic requires that our representatives will act in accordance with the Constitution while serving the majority responsible for their election. In all things, however, a representative cannot act against the Constitution in favor of the masses, which is exactly what we endure today.

Electing presidents who nominate and seat judges who will ignore the Constitution and rule favorably against the Constitution is a violation of the concept of a republic, but perfectly consistent with a democracy.

Where do we go from here? Down.

There is no way to save the republic and rely on the laws at this point, we are past that. There is no way to walk into a court of law and plead innocence by fact of being convicted of an unlawful law, the entire judicial system is merely a means of making legal that which is unlawful. Everyone is in on it, they were trained that way and everyone they work with were trained that way. It is pointless.

Start trying to figure out what you are going to do about it. I am. (and no, I don't mean just writing on this useless blog)


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    1. :) The comment at the top was excellent, I thought.