Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gun and Ammo Sales Not Just Surging — AR Guns, Ammo and Magazines Sold Out

Via Don

Earlier this morning we ran a piece showing that gun and ammunition sales have blasted off since the Newtown massacre. The reality is that gun, ammo and magazine sales went into an overdrive, and this is not exactly Christmas present sales. The culprit for this mad rush to buy is the coming ban on assault weapons and “military-style” weapons after Obama’s speech on Sunday evening, and then again after President Obama named Vice President Joe Biden to be in charge of the efforts against assault weapons.

While President Obama has said that the Second Amendment will remain intact, and while the words “gun control” and “bans” are craftily being avoided, it is important to remember that Joe Biden was effectively the author of the assault weapons ban that went into effect in the 1990s. After Obama’s speech on Wednesday, the writing on the wall is very clear as he called for a serious proposal no later than the end of January.

As far as gun sales and ammunition sales being elevated or higher, let’s call it a massive understatement. We showed that Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (NYSE: WMT) was out of certain guns online if you type in a ZIP code. The reality is much more extreme, and there is a bit of personal experience here that will show just how much the sales went up — EVERYWHERE is sold out! If you want to purchase a shotgun or a handgun, these are still available. If you are wanting a rifle that would be classified as an assault rifle, an AR, you missed your chance.

Gun buyers in Houston have bought up the entire inventory of AR guns. It is not just the guns. The ammunition is sold out. The magazines are sold out, and not just the magazines that hold 30 or more rounds. Even finding a 10-round magazine is elusive. And ammunition? The smaller boxes of ammunition in the 223-556 calibers may be found, but not the larger boxes. Try calling Top Gun, Academy, Carter Country and other stores and you will get more or less the same answer: “We are sold out entirely, we have no idea when we are getting new stock in, and we have no idea what the pricing will be.” Even the online sites that deal in guns and ammo are now low on inventory as sales have spiked.

To go even further to show how much the demand spiked, the FBI background check system was overloaded. Customers have had to leave guns at the stores because the electronic system kept crashing on Wednesday.

This is not just a local issue either. One email went out from a licensed retailer that most of the suppliers are now cleaned out entirely in their “military style” weapons, ammo, magazines and accessories. The email also said that they have no idea when new shipments will be available.


  1. I was at a local gun shop here in Fuquay-Varina on Monday and they had a decent selection. As of today they are sold out of all AR's.

    They well over a hundred of them in 72 hours. They were also limiting purchases of 30 round P-Mags to 10 per customer.

    I saw people buying two three at a time, even some who had no idea about the platform or what it could and could not do.

    1. even some who had no idea about the platform or what it could and could not do.

      If they don't need them, put them on Ebay and make some money.

  2. Checked DSG Arms... No mags except Safety Orange and Safety Red. Looks like Midway is sold out too. Was gonna chesc PSA but I suspect they have none. I don't need any, just had to check. Wow. Glad I was able to get the GP100 last week :)

  3. Replies
    1. Just about everywhere. One of my daughters is moving here shortly from CA and her husband, an ex-Marine, was eager to buy the goodies he couldn't get there. As soon as this happened I told him he better order now and could pick the stuff up when he got here, but no, he flaked out.

  4. The last Denver Tanner Gun Show of the year will be Dec.29-30. I won't miss it.

    Last night in surfing channels I stumbled on the fool Chris Matthews. He had a guy who looked like Ronald Reagan's idiot gay son who asked and answered. "Why do people go to gun shows?" Ans. "To buy a gun without a background check."

    In the years I have been going to gun shows in Colorado there have always been signs in the parking lots and on entry doors stating that no weapon transfer can be done without a legitimate background check being run. But, like my wife said, "People believe what they hear on TV."

    I hear of the gun show loophole all the time but cannot find out what it is.

    1. Precisely. I wish Matthews would just go away.