Thursday, December 20, 2012

Piers Morgan joins GOA

Well, he's now a member at least.:)


The Fight for our Gun Rights to Continue
through the Christmas Holidays
GOA makes a great stocking stuffer!
“[GOA’s] Rhetoric Signals Tough Road for Legislation” -- Roll Call, December 18, 2012
Gun Owners of America has, literally, been working around the clock this week.  From speaking to media around the nation (and around the world), to briefing congressmen on Capitol Hill, GOA lobbyists and staff are providing the policy elites the “bullet points” they need to combat the approaching onslaught against our rights.
If you still haven’t seen it, you’re missing a heck of a debate.
GOA’s Facebook page lit up with all kinds of kudos for the way GOA Executive Director Larry Pratt man-handled Morgan:
* “I'm a proud member of GOA and this was a great debate.” -- Freddy Kasprzykowski
* “Bravo Larry!! You wrecked that moron.” -- Dennis Walker
* “I was absolutely inspired by Larry's willingness to be the first pro-gun voice to face the liberal lynch mob. Joined the GOA today, and damned proud of it. Do the same, everyone! If there is a time to join, this is it!” -- Terry Threlfall, Jr.
If you are already a GOA member, why not offer your family members or friends a gift subscription to Gun Owners of America?
One savvy gun owner has already bought Piers Morgan a gift membership in GOA so he can get educated on the issues.  That’s no joke.  Piers Morgan is one of the newest GOA members, thanks to the generosity of this “Secret Santa.”
So, if you really want to help educate (and annoy) some of your liberal friends, you might consider following suit!
Thank you for standing with us this year.


  1. Piers Morgan is an idiot desperate for rating and relevance. Well Handled by GOA.

  2. Sadly, I believe that the NRA will indeed "cave" tomorrow.

    1. If they do, it's going to piss me off, especially since they have gotten 8,000 new members per day recently. They should have joined the GOA.