Sunday, December 16, 2012

"Life in the camp" or Prisoner of the Vietminh #3

 I continue to spread pictures of Sergeant 5 bavuana about the life in a Vietnamese prisoner of war camp in 1954.

In this series of letters written very clearly. Something I can not make out, sometimes translated left little "explanation."

1. Menu prisoner.


Menu camp cafe.
Rice - every day (sometimes a little salty).
Local black pig meat - almost every day (half the size of a thumb).
Water convolvulus (from the river in the neighborhood) - not every day (two or three branches).
Sweet potatoes - not often (or too large).

Exclusive I July 14, 1954.
A piece of gray local sugar.

During our captivity, "the French administration" declined to increase rations to officers and non-commissioned officers.

2. Daily toilet.

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