Friday, January 25, 2013

California Councilwoman: You Can Be Shot By An Unloaded Gun


  1. Stolen and posted.
    See what we have to put up with out here?

  2. Brock, Et Alii:

    Actually, the lady happens to be quite CORRECT in her statement, as any experienced firearms instructor and/or afficianado will readily confirm.

    For proof, here is an excerpt from one of my favorite authors, MARK TWAIN, in his 1882 essay, "ADVICE TO YOUTH" - - - :

    "Never handle firearms carelessly. The sorrow and suffering that have been caused through the innocent but heedless handling of firearms by the young! Only four days ago, right in the next farm house to the one where I am spending the summer, a grandmother, old and gray and sweet, one of the loveliest spirits in the land, was sitting at her work, when her young grandson crept in and got down an old, battered, rusty gun which had not been touched for many years and was supposed not to be loaded, and pointed it at her, laughing and threatening to shoot. In her fright she ran screaming and pleading toward the door on the other side of the room; but as she passed him he placed the gun almost against her very breast and pulled the trigger! He had supposed it was not loaded. And he was right -- it wasn’t. So there wasn’t any harm done. It is the only case of that kind I ever heard of. Therefore, just the same, don’t you meddle with old unloaded firearms; they are the most deadly and unerring hings that have ever been created by man. You don’t have to take any pains at all with them; you don’t have to have a rest, you don’t have to have any sights on the gun, you don’t have to take aim, even. No, you just pick out a relative and bang away, and you are sure to get him. A youth who can’t hit a cathedral at thirty yards with a Gatling gun in three quarters of an hour, can take up an old empty musket and bag his grandmother every time, at a hundred. Think what Waterloo would have been if one of the armies had been boys armed with old muskets supposed not to be loaded, and the other army had been composed of their female relations. The very thought of it makes one shudder."

    You can read the complete essay at this Internet URL - - - :

    I'm certain you read this when you were a kid.

    Maybe, you just forgot?

    Hardee har har!

    Yuk! Yuk!

    Thank you.

    John Robert Mallernee
    Armed Forces Retirement Home
    Gulfport, Mississippi 39507

  3. That kind of thing only happens in San Fransisco sweetheart.

  4. Unloaded councilwomen are far more dangerous than unloaded guns; perhaps we should ban them first!

  5. Unloaded councilwomen are far more dangerous than unloaded guns; perhaps we should ban them first!


  6. Who was it who originally wrote "America is an insane asylum and California is the violent ward? Len Deighton used it to begin his best seller "Violent Ward" but I don't think he originated it. Maybe Hunter Thompson or Elmore Leonard. I can't find it.

  7. Well, I disqualified my first young female candidate for handgun, van driving, and practical nursing training when she moved into a mobile home community and was only there 2 days before one trailer had crime scene tape all around it. She didn't know what happened but I told her that gun training and procurement were off for her. I was sure she would be lucky to hit an invader even once per magazine or cylinder and that the other rounds would go through her wall and the next residence's wall and maybe a third unless they lodged in a neighbor's body, which has happened in my city to a little girl in bed. She said, "What about a Taser?" and I came back with, "Get a pepper spray" and retired from handgun training before I really started.