Friday, January 25, 2013

College student identified as southside Savannah homicide victim

Ryan's cousin

 Rebecca Foley

A 21-year-old Savannah college student was shot to death in her car outside her southside apartment complex Monday evening.

Savannah-Chatham police investigators Tuesday identified the victim of the city’s first reported murder in 2013 as Rebecca Lorraine Foley, said police spokesman Julian Miller.

Foley, a student at Savannah State University, was inside her Volkswagen Beetle near her residence at Colonial Village at Marsh Cove off White Bluff Road when she was fatally shot about 7 p.m., Miller said. He indicated Monday evening officers had found her on the ground outside the vehicle but they were uncertain how she got there.

Police released no other information, but Miller said violent crimes detectives Tuesday were continuing to investigate the shooting and were working to identify anyone who may have been in the area when it occurred.

Foley had moved to Savannah from Summerville to attend college, said Mitchell Bush, her employer for nearly two years at the Bush Insurance Agency.

Bush described her as a happy person who was trying to find her life’s calling.
“She was a sweet, lovely child,” Bush said. “She had a gorgeous smile that you’ll never forget. She was just a very bright, hard working, focused person who got along with everyone.

“I’ve never known her to have any problems, you know. Why someone would take her life is just beyond comprehension.”


  1. I'll wager that one of Obama's sons had something to do with it.

  2. No day passes that I don't urge some woman to be armed. Mostly family, but any woman in my presence. I grew up without ever hearing, that I can recall, the word "rape" spoken by family or media. Now it is common on TV. And I have been reading both sides of the debate on Sherman's troops raping white and black women, especially in Georgia. Some of the writing is good history and responsible opinion. Like Crystal Feimster, whose book, Southern Horrors Women and the Politics of Rape and Lynching by I am ordering.

    The woman who writes Civil War Odyssey says, "
    Today, at least one female historian is attacking the blind eye cast toward sexual violence during the Civil War. In the academic journal Daedalus, Crystal N. Feimster asserts, “hundreds, perhaps thousands of women suffered rape” during the war. If we fail to acknowledge the sex crimes Americans commit during war, then rape and other sexual crimes – even in our own military ranks – can continue behind the curtain without proper scrutiny, punishment and binding of psychological wounds.

    A U.S. Department of Defense report in 2008 stated that nearly 3,000 female soldiers were sexually harassed, assaulted or raped by their American comrades during the War in Iraq, in some cases by their commanding officers. Americans should find this unacceptable, especially the men who serve or have served our country honorably.

    At minimum, we should be talking publicly and loudly about the price women pay in war, now and in the past."

    And so, as his dubious legacy, the little Prince Panetta says, "Put them in the front lines." He reminds me of the old joke about the cops hassling a hooker and saying that prostitutes can't get pregnant. She responds, "Where do you think cops come from?" She could add Politicians to that.

  3. I apologize for the lack of editing of that rant. Not up to my standards, but then little now is.

    1. prostitutes can't get pregnant. She responds, "Where do you think cops come from?" She could add Politicians to that.

      Priceless! I've never heard that.

      Here's a good book by a friend.