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Sheriff pledges to protect Second Amendment

 Comment below addressed to SF.

 "I went to the gun rally in CDA today and your sheriff had a letter that was read and the whole crowd cheered. Perhaps you were there?

It was a good rally. Made my heart glad to see so many openly worn guns. Enola Gay from was there and her husband was one of the speakers.

It was worth the 2 hour round trip drive, and I bought some more ammo to boot.

Oh, there was music before the rally started and Brock you would be happy to know that along with other patriotic songs, Dixie was sung too. ;)

Miss Violet


Via SF comments on Fox News poll: Twice as many favor more guns over banning guns to reduce crime 



Bonner County Sheriff Daryl Wheeler is letting the public know where he stands as the debate over gun control rages in Washington, D.C.

“I’ve been a strong advocate of the Second Amendment and I’m always going to stand up to make sure that those rights are protected,” Wheeler said on Thursday.

As officials around the nation react to President Barack Obama’s $500 million effort to control gun violence in the wake of last month’s Sandy Hook massacre, Wheeler said his office has fielded a number of requests from the public asking what his position is on the issue.

In response, Wheeler posted a message to his department’s website which urges the public to reach out to local, state and federal officials to push back against 23 executive actions proposed by the Obama administration to enhance gun control regulations.

“I felt obligated to present my position,” said Wheeler.

Wheeler said in the posting that he took an oath of office on Monday to, among other things, uphold the U.S. Constitution.

“Nowhere in my oath did I agree to uphold the arbitrary wishes of a President who strays outside his Constitutional authority,” Wheeler said in the online message.

Obama’s proposal includes the establishment of universal background checks for gun buyers, and prohibiting military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines.

Meanwhile, people in Bonner County are voicing concerns that the names and addresses of those who possess concealed weapons permits will be publicized by the media, as was done by The Journal News in New York state after the mass shootings in Newtown, Conn.

“I know that that’s been a topic of conversation around coffee shops and people I’ve talked to are wondering what’s going to happen here in Idaho,” Wheeler said.

There are currently 1,742 people in Bonner County with concealed weapons permits, according to sheriff’s office records.

But Wheeler said Idaho Code specifically prohibits his office from disclosing such information under the state’s public records law.

“That information absolutely will never be released from this office,” said Wheeler.

Wheeler’s contention is backed up by an email exchange between state Sen. Steve Bair, R-Blackfoot, and Assistant Chief Deputy Attorney General Brian Kane obtained by The Daily Bee.

Kane said in the Jan. 3 email that information regarding an applicant or licensee is deemed confidential under the Idaho Public Records Act.

“In other words, information gathered and maintained by the county sheriff or the state police for the purpose of processing and maintaining concealed weapons applications is exempt from disclosure to the public,” Kane wrote.

Wheeler said his office has not been presented with any public records requests for such information from news or other organizations.

The sheriff’s office, however, is seeing an uptick in applications for permits to carry a concealed weapon. Wheeler said his office has received 35 new applications and 10 renewals in the four last days.

“We’re issuing a lot of concealed weapons permits as a result of what’s happening in Washington, D.C.,” said Wheeler.


Sheriff Wheeler Sworn In For A Second Term January 14, 2013 
This last Monday, before a small group of friends and family, I took an oath to uphold  the U.S. Constitution, the Idaho State Constitution and the laws of Idaho. Nowhere in my oath did I agree to uphold the arbitrary wishes of a President who strays outside his Constitutional authority.  On January 16th, it was reported in the media that President Barak Obama signed 23 Executive Orders.  

This is not so.  President Obama signed 23 “Executive Actions.”  These so called “Executive Actions” are nothing more than 23 suggestions which do not have the force of law.  This is nothing more than a Presidential Christmas “wish list” that he passed along to Congress for their approval.  

Even though these “Executive Actions” do not constitute real law, the President has directed the Federal Agencies to carry them out.  The Department of Justice, the A.T.F., the Centers for Disease Control, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the General Services Administration, the Department of Education and the Department of Homeland Security have all been tasked to carry out his wishes.  He is also dove-tailing all his actions and attempting to restrict gun ownership by changing the rules within the Affordable Care Act.  

So now that you know that, I urge you to push back by contacting your Idaho representatives on all levels, local, state and federal.  Let’s not lose any ground.  The law enforcers and the law makers need to be on the same page.

I believe that in order for the President to carry out his plans, he needs the approval of Congress.  This is where you come in.  I urge you to push back now by contacting your Idaho representatives on all levels, local, state and federal. The threat to your 2nd Amendment Rights will most likely come to your mailbox through a questionnaire in the mail, not a knock on your door.  These regulations will most likely be tied to Federal dollars sent to you as an individual. Please contact this office immediately if you are threatened.  I can't do anything if I don't know what is happening.  Above all, keep your cool!  I will come when you call. You can be assured my office will uphold and protect your 2nd Amendment rights.

Sheriff Daryl Wheeler


  1. Another Five Hundred Million F.R. note's. Where will he go to beg for this ?. Zimbabwe ?. I'm SURE it will ALL go to the designated task !.

    1. He'll spend as much as possible. The question is will the US collapse with Communism taking over followed by a bloody war or by some miracle can we hang on until he is gone?