Saturday, January 19, 2013

States have right to secede




Washington and the liberal states say secession is a bad idea. That should make us suspicious that it would be bad for them. The Articles of Confederation included a “union in perpetuity” clause that forbade secession. To replace the Articles of Confederation, a Constitutional Convention was held, and the question of including a “union in perpetuity” clause was introduced. The idea was overwhelmingly rejected, since the whole idea of the Constitution was to give the states as much independence as possible.

In 1860 and 1861, 11 states exercised their right of secession and formed the Confederate States of America. Abraham Lincoln along with the entire executive branch and the U.S. Congress didn't want to lose control of those 11 states and made the decision to deny the right of secession. Since this decision couldn't be clearly justified by the Constitution, the excuse of “saving the Union” was used; consequently, 600,000 lives were lost. This war didn't settle the question of secession; it settled the question of which side had the stronger military.

Today, if conservative states exercise their right to secede, liberal states will continue their unconstitutional agenda, which history has repeatedly shown will lead to a police state and a wrecked economy. Meanwhile, the conservative states will continue their constitutional agenda, which history has repeatedly shown will lead to individual freedoms and a healthy economy. Have you noticed all the people and companies moving from liberal states to conservative states?

Mike Jones, Oklahoma City


  1. Yes ,I have , indeed I have not only noticed I have been a part of it. Any time and agrarian society is dragged into a war with an industry based nation they will lose. The point of this being this ; Gentleman ,the tide has turned. They know this , the vacant factory building's of the rust belt will not win any war's . Also ( and this is NOT a racist remark , it is fact ) a polyglot population of freeloader's used to suckling the state tit , will not fight for anybody . So , they think secession is a bad idea ? . Indeed it is , for them , they will literally be starved to death by their own corruption without us . Whom shall we put forward as " The President of the New Confederacy " ?.Rand or Ron Paul ? , Another who believes in freedom ?. Step forward and make yourselves known . R.W.