Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Back to the house that love built


If my Higher Power, whom I call Love, wills, and the Creeks don't rise I hope to go back to the house Love (my multi-g- Lunenburg VA County grandfather, Henry Hicks Love, with good black men helping) built, in 1818 later this summer.  He owned 2000 acres of fair farmland and 200 black slaves.  It is not recorded in all my genealogical research that any of them were ever treated shabbily.

Good a declaration that you shall be at the Spring PATCON!:)


  1. I never dreamed Brock would post this video song. Colorado Springs took the Fool's Cap away from Aurora this week. We held it for seven months. A fool threatened Representative Rhonda Fields in writing and in email. Rocky Mountain Gun Owners has had us writing and calling our reps to change their vote on the gun bills. How many calls will it take to offset the damage this fool has done to 2A?


    I have forgotten my personal past, but not my heritage.

    I'm going back to the House Love Built. The Love House, called the Old Mansion House, was built from 1814-1818 by Henry Hicks Love and his black slaves in Lunenburg County VA. Slavery is in my heritage-not my past. I have no apologies and I have had many black friends. I cherish their friendship. In my genealogical research I can find no mention of H. H. Love's slaves being mistreated. In 1952 a returned paratrooper from the Korean War told me in Syme Dorm at NCSU, "I don't hate all n-----s. I just hate n's in general." It took me years to fathom that statement but I did. Today, I would rephrase it and say "I don't love every single black person, just black people in general."

    I remember a song from my childhood by Wm. Dunkerley,

    "In Christ there is no East or West,
    In Him no South or North;
    But one great fellowship of love
    Throughout the whole wide earth.

    In Him shall true hearts everywhere
    Their high communion find;
    His service is the golden cord,
    Close binding humankind.

    Join hands, then, members of the faith,
    Whatever your race may be!
    Who serves my Father as His child
    Is surely kin to me.

    In Christ now meet both East and West,
    In Him meet North and South;
    All Christly souls are one in Him
    Throughout the whole wide earth."

    I think R. E. Lee and Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson would join in singing that although it was written forty years after them.

    I have told my story from the pulpits of churches, black and white, and been right at home in both. In honor of Black History Month, which many readers scorn, I salute black Veterans, black Confederates, and black Christians, like Alice Means who raised us kids.

  2. We used to sing that in either Sunday School or church or maybe both at Grace Episcoal church in the Plains, Virginia back when the church still had brains.

    Michael Cromwell Peters
    I named my eldest daughter Emily Michael. I used Michael in memory of my best friend who was killed at the age of 19 in an automobile wreck. He was a son of our Episcopalian minister, Mr. H. B. Peters who was originally from England. The rector had four children. One son is a doctor in Richmond, and the third son, Peyton, also died in a car wreck. His one daughter, Polly, was horribly mangled in another car wreck, but lived. However, she had difficultly walking and speaking. It makes you wonder some times.

    At any rate, I thought I would name her Michael since I might not have any boys, and boy was I correct! (Five girls!)

    1. I appreciate that wonderful comment but you have already retired my Main Hero Cup. I looked at the slide show of the American withdrawal from Vietnam today on NamSouth. I don't think anybody has put such a human face on the Vietnamese people as you have. They should have a festival in your honor. Don't laugh. My grandkids live in the Apple Capitol of America, Wenatchee WA. A few years ago a man there invented the Jonagold apple, which I love. The Japanese held a festival in his honor.

    2. A few years ago a man there invented the Jonagold apple, which I love. The Japanese held a festival in his honor.

      Thanks and hey, an apple is important, after all an apple a day........:)

    3. ...keeps the government doctors away! ;)
      Miss Violet

    4. The peptin in an apple stops heartburn. Eve was just trying to cure Adam's sour stomach. Heh.