Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Menstruating at the Mosqueteria

Via comment by Anonymous on Support for Confederate Flag now a “mental illness"

FYI for you Americans far to the south. The Toronto Star is referred to as 'The Red Star' for it's pro-communist slant for the past 70 or so years, and also as the 'Liberal Party Newsletter'. It is far more to the left than say the New York Times. Also the Toronto District School Board is the most 'progressive' school board in Canada which is saying something.

In the past few years they have created 'Afrocentric' curricula for black students and at one High School an Imam comes in every Friday to give a sermon to Muslim students. The seating arrangement is boys in front, girls behind them and any girls who are menstruating at the back of the room against the wall as far from the Imam as possible.

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 Menstruating at the Mosqueteria


Margaret Atwood warned us that North America would turn into a theocracy—and she was right!
Funny, though: She hasn’t said much about that lately, now that The Handmaid’s Tale is being acted out in a public school, here in her very own city of Toronto.

I don’t mean the kids are staging her anti-theocratic novel as a play. In fact, I’m guessing Valley Park Middle School has quietly removed it from the “required reading” list.

And why not? After all, they’ve already turned the cafeteria into a mosque.

Since November 2008—with the, er, blessing of the Toronto District School Board—Muslim prayers have been matter-of-factly conducted within an Ontario public school’s walls every Friday afternoon. Which is against the law.

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