Tuesday, March 26, 2013

NC: Hundreds of gun parts seized from Cary home

Via safetalker


According to a search warrant made public Tuesday, investigators suspect a Cary woman of dealing in hundreds of counterfeit gun parts.

The warrant says the investigation began March 11 with a routine search of packages coming in from China at a DHL hub warehouse in Morrisville.

An investigator with the North Carolina Secretary of State's office was assisting Homeland Security with the search when an inspection of three packages addressed to a home in Cary were found with sights inside for AR-15 rifles.

The sights were marked with the A.R.M.S. brand name, but when investigators checked with A.R.M.S., they were told the parts are fakes.

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  1. This is complete lying assbull shit. This is a government set up to scare people and an excuse for firearm crackdowns.
    NO ONE talks like that and no one can claim they were looking for illegal Chinese shipments and they just happened to run across specific parts for a specific piece and instantly identify them as counterfeit. Notice not one real person involved got on camera, not one shred of factual evidence.
    How much did the actors and crew cost to create this work of art as it is pure theatrics.
    Oh that scares me. Just how stupid does this TV propaganda outlet think everyone is?
    Must think their viewers are down right stupid to fall for this.

    1. Just how stupid does this TV propaganda outlet think everyone is?

      Their agenda only and hoping to fool a few.

  2. Approval my ass. it will be censored.
    Only government authorized comments are allowed even if they have to be made up.....