Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Coumo to State Sheriffs: Shut Up About Gun Law or Risk Termination

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What many had assumed would be a meeting regarding New York State Sheriffs’ Association concerns about New York’s strict new gun laws, turned into a verbal scolding from the Governor which included the threat of some people’s jobs if they didn’t toe the line and shut up about the SAFE Act.

Via the Times Union:

        The sheriffs thought they were being summoned to the Capitol to discuss ideas for changes to New York’s gun control law, the SAFE Act. Instead, Gov. Andrew Cuomo told them to keep quiet.Opposition to the new law has simmered in upstate areas since Cuomo signed the law in January. Many county sheriffs oppose it, particularly its expanded definition of banned assault weapons, and have spoken out around the state. In January, the New York State Sheriffs’ Association wrote Cuomo with an analysis, and later suggested tweaks.

        Cuomo invited its leaders to the Capitol last month, people briefed on the meeting said.

Rather than discuss the merits of the letter, Cuomo asked those in attendance to stop publicly discussing opposition to the SAFE Act.

One individual briefed on the meeting claimed that Cuomo had threatened to remove some sheriffs from office.

What has raised the ire of the Governor is a lawsuit the Association has joined in, challenging the Constitutionality of the SAFE Act.

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  1. I am under the impression that Sheriffs are elected officials in the counties where they serve. If that's true then how can a governor "remove" a sheriff from office?

    I assume a sheriff can be impeached but wouldn't that be the province of the county commissioners and/or county board of supervisors in the county in question?

    1. There are some places where they are appointed, unfortunately.