Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Excellent! My name is Paul Weston, and I am a racist

Via Conan The Cimmerian


  1. It is an honor to be linked by one of the best liberty/southron blogs.

    Your blog is a multi-daily must read.

    1. Thank you, but you must have me confused with someone else.......:)

  2. Wow. A Brit with balls. He is spot on too.
    Miss Violet

  3. Great Britain and most of Europe are further down the path than America. But with our Muslim loving commander of crime leading, us we are catching up fast.

    One other thing I am an American by culture. Now the culture I grew up here in Iowa was different then someone in North Carolina or Texas but we all had many of the same values. We love our flag, we enjoy and celebrate our freedom on July 4th, we enjoy our families on Thanksgiving, we honor the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas and then we God everyday we were born American. This is OUR culture and it is being destroyed by a tsunami of immigrants that do care anything about America except for what it can give them. America is dying from the inside by an influx of people who simply are flooding our borders and no respect for the country they are invading.