Friday, June 14, 2013

"Vote No": Campaign against every Congressman and Senator who votes for intervention in Syria

 00 NO Western Intervention in Syria. 08.12

Hey guys, I’d like to start a “Vote NO!” campaign. Let’s let our “leadership” know that we plan to campaign against ever Congressman and Senator who votes to fund intervention in or support of the anti-Assad government in Syria. We all know the chemical weapons story is a lie to distract the sheeple from all the administration's scandals. If we start writing letters to our “leadership” they will pay attention. My letter is attached. Use mine or make up one of your own. This s--- works. It was the 50+ year olds threatening to vote Nixon out of office that got that war stopped. Maybe we save a few of our kids, brothers, sisters or just plain old GIs.

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Dear Honorable Senator Burr,

Thank you for your letter regarding allowing individual states to tax internet sales as they choose. Your points are well taken, but I would think that a US Senator with access to accurate information about the state of the US economy would take a broader view. When the country is in a no growth economic situation, it seems prudent not to be advocating any legislation that promotes more taxation. Kicking it over the aisle into the House and claiming it's their call is further non-statesmanship in my view.

I'd like to let you know that there is an issue you might want to think long and hard about. Many Americans today are fully aware of the US involvement in the bloodbath in Syria. We understand the implications and that our young men and women could be called to go there as time goes by. Claims by the current administration that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons on their own soil are ludicrous and we both know it.

Please be aware that there is a growing grass roots movement called "Vote NO" in our area. We plan to expand it to a nation-wide audience by the end of the year.

Vote NO will advocate removing every Congressman and Senator running for office in 2014 that votes "yes" for the intervention in Syria by US troops or the funding of any weapons or logistic support offered to the anti-Assad forces in Syria.

We plan to initially penetrate the alternative media, followed by a bumper sticker and bandit sign campaign that speaks in general terms about the US attempts at regime change in Syria. Finally, as the campaign season swings into full stride we will buy advertising space that specifically targets Congressmen and Senators who have supported the funding of another intervention in the middle east with emphasis for action on those running for re-election.

I would respectfully request your support and assure you the resources are available and underway toward making "Vote No" happen. I do hope we don't see your name on our campaign materials come 2014.

Very sincerely yours,

Clayton -----


  1. Vietnam ended due to continuous and massive rallies and the one you urged folks to not attend on July 4th. I'm not sure what part of the right to "bear" arms offends you, but I do know that a DC protest with rifles would have instigated a change in the feds' attitude toward the People way more than a letter writing campaign.

    1. .like the one you urged folks to not attend on July 4th

      I didn't post that.

  2. Your May 20th post and follow up comments to the post.


      I assume you are referring to the link above and if so, there is nothing in my comments that state what you are inferring.

  3. That an armed conflict with the bought and paid for constabulary would no doubt be a disaster for the "Freedom and Constitutional Rights" movement as well as all the excuse the D**khead-In-Chief needs to declare the 2nd Amendment null is self-evident. If someone here is criticizing prudence in dealing with a group of armed thugs that have us outgunned until the US public wakes up, I think they work for the other side.

    1. If someone here is criticizing prudence in dealing with a group of armed thugs that have us outgunned until the US public wakes up, I think they work for the other side.

      Think the situation will have to deteriorate to the conditions that stared the Revolution War before something happens.

    2. Bet you your next paycheck that ain't long.