Thursday, August 22, 2013

Don’t Ignore Race in Christopher Lane’s Murder: The association of young black men with violence doesn't come out of thin air

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Australian baseball player Christopher

Christopher Lane 

Australian Christopher Lane was killed on Monday in Oklahoma by three teens, one of whom has said they were just “bored.” The right is complaining that the media is making nothing of the fact that two of the teens were black whereas Lane was white, as opposed to the massive alarm sounded in cases such as white (or white-ish) George Zimmerman killing black Trayvon Martin. And again the cry was heard that there is more “black-on-black” or “black-on-white” crime than “white-on-black,” and that young black men are in fact more of a problem than people like Zimmerman.

The numbers don’t lie: young black men do commit about 50% of the murders in the U.S. We don’t yet know whether the attack on Lane was racially motivated, nor can we know whether the three black boys who attacked a white boy on a Florida school bus recently would not have done the same to a black kid. 

(Critics took Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to task for not condemning the violence.) But hardly uncommon are cases such as the two black guys who doused a white 13-year-old with gasoline and lit him on fire, saying “You get what you deserve, white boy” (Kansas City, Mo.) or 20 black kids who beat up white Matthew Owens on his porch “for Trayvon” (Mobile, Ala.).

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  1. I'm sure race had nothing to do with it, I mean, its not like it just happened again in Memphis! /sarc

    1. I'm sure race had nothing to do with it, I mean, its not like it just happened again in Memphis!

      Really and thanks.

  2. They say one of the 3 is white. I say that there is some esigination in gene pool...

    1. He looks as though he has some white in him, but didn't consider himself as such perusing the people he was hanging out with.

      Supposed racist tweets from one of the suspects, Edwards, were also revealed this week.

      "90% of white ppl are nasty. #HATE THEM," one posting read, according to the Daily Caller.

      "Ayeee I knocced out 5 woods since Zimmerman court!:)" another said.

      "Woods" is reportedly a derogatory slang term for white people.