Sunday, August 11, 2013

Police Helicopter and Patrol Cars Dispatched for Man Photographing Courthouse

Via avordvet

With a .45 caliber legally strapped to his side, Jordan McManus decided to photograph the federal courthouse in Phoenix last night, realizing he would probably draw attention from police, especially after reading about Raymond Michael’s experience last May.

But he was still a little surprised when a police helicopter hovered over him with a spotlight as two patrol cars pulled up next to him and another two cops approached him on foot.

They immediately tried to disarm him, but he refused to let them do it as it is legal to open carry in Arizona.

Then they tried to pat him down, which didn’t make sense considering he was already showing a firearm.  But he wouldn’t let them do that either.

“You’re carrying a firearm and taking a picture of a federal building,” the cop exclaimed, trying to justify the pat down.

Then they demanded to know who he was, but didn’t get anywhere with that either.
Here is a portion of the exchange:


  1. Blackstone says 'The Eye Cannot Trespass".

    Tell that to these statist bozos in the helos and the others responding to this guy.


  2. If you know your rights, and are willing to stand your ground with respect to your rights, you can have contact with the law enforcement agents that ends like this.... But we have also seen the other side of how a citizen exercising his/her rights, can be beaten down, shot and killed for standing their ground with respect to those rights. Law enforcement agents that have the thug mentality, and will shoot first at the slightest hint of an unwillingness to surrender those rights, even though the citizen has done nothing to violate the law.
    Of course one must question the sheeple that follow the dictates of DHS and report ANYTHING they see under the "see something, say something" directive. Sheeple who have no understanding of their rights (God given, natural rights), and would gladly surrender them (if they understood that they had rights) to "feel safer"!
    I applaud this fella for knowing his rights and doing his thing.
    The one cop stated that he (or maybe all cops) was tired of "your kind" doing this kind of thing to harass them, even try to harm them (cops).
    Kinda funny, don't ya' think? If the cop knew the law, understood the rights of the citizens, then he wouldn't have to worry about it, unless a real crime had been committed. He wouldn't even have to stop and make contact (just observe and report).
    Arizona has some interesting things going for it, with to regards to citizens rights. In many states, the fella, would have been sent (by the cops) to the hospital, or the morgue.

    1. In many states, the fella, would have been sent (by the cops) to the hospital, or the morgue.

      That's the chance you take. Pitiful.