Friday, August 23, 2013

Surprise! Barry Soetoro Voter Registration FOIA Request Denied By DC Election Board


A few weeks ago we reported a bizarre story about Barry Soetoro being registered to vote in Washington D.C. Soetoro was registered with a White House address and had Barack Obama’s August 4, 1961 birthdate. We know that the birthdate was the same because that information was required to do a search.

Before I go on. For those of you who are not aware, Barry Soetoro is Barack Obama. The Soetoro name was taken from his adopted father while the young Barack was in Indonesia. And now that I’ve cleared that up… There are those in the blogging community who were not willing to accept the fact that the registration was removed a few days after being discovered. They wanted answers and rightfully so. Sonoran News, who originally broke the story, sent a Freedom of Information Act request to attempt to get those answers. Linda Bentley reports:

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