Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Left Wing College Professor Wants to Make David Petraeus' Life a Living Hell

He's a war criminal, but Obama is not? OK, got it........ Obama's behind this, but why in the world would he even consider accepting a job at 99% of the universities these days?  Poor judgement.
Every now and then I find a subject that so angers me, I kind of take it personally, and this is one of those items. I am the first person to stand up for free speech. I especially understand that I will find some of it offensive, but it seems that left-wing CUNY Professor S. Sandor John has taken it to a whole new level. He is instrumental in organizing personal attacks on Gen. David Petraeus. Sandor and some students have pledged to make Petraeus' tenure "a living hell."

Everybody remembers the video of college students following Petraeus and screaming obscenities at him and calling him a "war criminal." If not, then here it is. 


  1. Quite a scnhozz on that fat chick up front, eh?

  2. This is the saddest post I have read, since Vietnam.
    When I got back to 'The World', I was spit on, and called vile names, and lost my best friend who asked me "So, did you kill any babies while you were over there?"
    I had already decked a hippie in SF International for spitting on me, and the cops told me to leave. I left, then I got back to NC, and my family took me to Parkers BBQ in Kinston... where an altercation occurred that the owner shouldn't allow 'those people in his restaurant'. The owner, threw THEM out before my grandaddy almost picked a chair up and threw it at him, and I got a free lunch.

    To see this happening again, without the stupid bastards going after the political bosses who start the shit, is beyond infuriating, there is murder in my eyes...
    That man earned his stars by fighting so that those assholes COULD PROTEST HIM...
    This better not get started again... or there will be blood.

    1. I came back through SF 3 times because I extended twice. Only once did a girl remark offhand that she was sick of seeing uniforms to which I replied as a Southern gentleman should, f--- you.:) There was also a young guy panhandling who asked me for money, so I said get a job to which he replied I can't find one and I said join the Army. He looked as though he was going to be hung at dawn:) I certainly wouldn't expect that at Parker's. Do you live near there?

  3. I thinkest thy good professor is demonizing tail of thy snake. He mightest determine who policies and orders he whilst following. And dost thy good professor forgeteth thy king whom doth inflicted mortal wounds to innocence in thy middle east by his most lethal indiscriminate eagle drones? Say it is not so thy benevolent professor who matriculates from thy big city.
    What a friggen joke.

  4. LOL, the idiots. This man has an ex wife, right, or am I thinking of another scandal? Just exactly what do they think they can do to him that can top that?