Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Collusion :)!

I tried to install, but it is not compatible with my Waterfox 18.0.

added collusion yesterday.  it's still beta and not entirely stable.  watched it build up a little network chart as i went to drudge, the blaze, breitbart, then wrsa.  looked like everything was normal as expected with a lot of links back to google.  went to brock's site and up popped an entire new constellation with about 40 or 50 stars of it's own in one neat cluster.  must be something about his links.  pretty sure this is just normal and good, but interesting, if you are exploring linkage these days.  haven't had time to check on click thrus, as i have to start packing for the trip.  you got a videographer yet or is it open policy on making video clips of the event?  feel obligated to at least make you guys think you're still being spied upon since the government is shutdown.  ha ha.


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