Thursday, October 17, 2013

GRNC Alert 10-17-13 Gun Banners Attempt to Destroy Shooting Range


They talk about 'Gun Safety' but don't want anyone to practice and train...

The Second Amendment supporters responsible for developing Tiger Swan, a relatively new but well-used Cumberland County outdoor range, have done everything right. The operation was recruited by county officials in 2008 to locate in Cumberland County and began operations in 2010. After years of work and at great expense they have exceeded the numerous difficult requirements now required for establishing new outdoor shooting ranges. For their range they have:

    Obtained almost 1000 acres of agricultural land, five times the 200 acres required by county rules.

    Carefully and professionally engineered their site to contain all “Surface Danger Zones” on the property itself.

    Maintained access control.

    Secured liability insurance of $5 million, exceeding the required $2 million.

    Hired an engineer to plan and certify that the range to complies with EPA “Best Management Practices.

Since opening three years ago, a small group of residents has sued Cumberland County to revoke Tiger Swan's zoning, effectively “moving the goalposts”. Although this group cites concern over noise, danger from stray rounds, and unsubstantiated claims of reduced property values, it is clear what they are really attacking: the right to use firearms in Cumberland County.

While fighting in the courts, Tiger Swan has reapplied for an operating permit under revised County rules established by Commissioners in June, 2013. The Commissioners will meet this coming Monday, October 21 to decide if the permit will be granted.

Denial of this permit will eliminate training opportunities for citizens and law-enforcement officers, as well as cause a chilling effect on range development everywhere in the state. If this first-class operation can be “run out of town” by the gun grabbers, anyone can.


  1. Brock, I have been reading your site and western rifle shooters for some time now. Love both of them. I am an avid patriot and gun rights person. I live in Cumberland county near the tiger swan site.

    I must say you have this one wrong. It is about property rights, noise, and devaluing of property. Not gun rights.

    I know the folks who brought the lawsuit, and they are all avid hunters, and gun rights enthusiasts.

    We live in a very crooked county as far as local gov. Our planning dept. is the one pushing this thing through changing zoning to suit the needs of their wishes to have this training facility.

    Noone would want this in their backyard. It sounds like downtown Fallujah when they are firing. Besides its not just about a gun range. They will eventually if allowed to stay have a full fledged training facility with helicopters and training exercises.

    Our local gov. planning and the people who own tiger swan have been trying to do an end run around our zoning from day one.

    If the county wants gun ranges they need to make some noise ordinances in regard to them.

    There really is no need for this in our county anyway. As we have Ft Bragg Military base with dozens of ranges and thousands of acres to train. The military uses the facilities a fraction of the time. Many days these taxpayer funded facilities are idle and could be used if the gov. would allow it.

    Respectfullly submitted Gray Bell Great Grandson of Reddin Honeycutt survivor of The War of 1861 Great Great Grandson of Caleb Dozier Bell fallen at Battle of Manteo Roanoke Island North Carolina

  2. Thanks. Seems like they would have picked property further out.