Thursday, October 17, 2013

NC: Insane school unleashes fake masked gunman for civics experiment

Via WiscoDave


Sixth graders were initially terrified to learn that a masked gunman was on the prowl inside their North Carolina middle school.

But once they learned the gunman was a school employee unwittingly putting them through an emergency preparedness exercise, their minds were set at ease — and their parents became the terrified ones.

The Eastern Wayne Middle School employee donned a ski mask and toy gun, and pretended to be a robber. The school described the incident as “an enrichment lesson on exhibiting good citizenship and observing your surroundings.”


  1. I swear, if some parents don't go have a beat down on the idiot who decided that was a good idea, then they deserve such nonsense.
    Miss Violet

  2. Hum teaching kids situational awareness,whats next boot camp? If you recognize you are in danger shouldn't you be able to defend yourself?

  3. "exhibiting good citizenship " = cowering and awaiting being slaughtered

    1. Their guidance in 6th grade leaves much to be desired, needless to say.

  4. My daughter and I have discussed scenarios like this. He's lucky he didnt get an eyeful of pencil.