Thursday, November 28, 2013

Ammo By The Pound: Starts At Midnight


Caliber Estimated Weight Estimated Rounds Quantity **Delivered Price
9mm - Brass 26 Pounds 900 Rounds Many $169
40 S&W - Brass 24 Pounds 650 Rounds Some $139
45 ACP - Brass 22 Pounds 450 Rounds Many $139
45 ACP - Steel 22 Pounds 450 Rounds Many $129
380 ACP - Brass 23.5 Pounds 1150 Rounds Rare $249
22 LR 14 Pounds 2100 Rounds Some $99
357 Magnum 17 Pounds 500 Rounds Rare $175
38 Special 20 Pounds 600 Rounds Rare $149
5.56x45 - Brass 12 Pounds 440 Rounds Few $111
*7.62x39 22 Pounds 750 Rounds Many $119
*7.62x54r 20 Pounds 375 Rounds Few $69
*308 Win 27 Pounds 475 Rounds Few $179
5.7x28 12 Pounds 775 Rounds Rare $309

What's Ammo by the Pound?

Please keep in mind - these products will be available for purchase at midnight (EST) Friday morning. Due to a limited number of each caliber available, we are asking that shooters limit their order to just one ammocan of each caliber for this special promotion. Thank you for your understanding!

Our customer service team has been getting a ton of calls from folks asking for Black Friday deals. Well, we can't blame anybody looking to save a few bucks. The problem is, the way this year's ammo market has gone, there isn't much out there we can offer a steep discount on when it comes to ammo.

Then, it hit us: A way for us to offer ammo at a steep discount for shooters and not have to fight off debt collectors to do it.

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  1. We went online at 12 Am. Got "404 page not available".
    In a few minutes it came back up.
    Couldn't see a link to add to cart anywhere.
    Contacted them, and just received a 'sold out' notice.
    Obviously, some other ammo fat cat, got on and ordered it all up in one or two strokes.
    What irks me about 'specials' . I didn't even get a chance to order.
    no '2 to a customer' etc.
    I will never even visit that site again.

  2. That's BS and I won't post for them again, that's for sure.