Friday, November 22, 2013

McAuliffe Already Making Moves on Gun Control in Virginia


Terry McAuliffe won't take his place as the Governor of Virginia until January, but he isn't wasting any time when it comes to getting ahead on his anti-gun agenda. During the campaign, McAuliffe advocated for a ban on semi-automatic rifles and standard capacity magazines. Now, he's hired Lori Haas, the Virginia State Director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence [CSGV], to help with his transition team. Haas' daughter was shot during the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007. More from the DC:
Despite claiming support for the Second Amendment, Haas’s appointment to this position to help assemble his Administration sends a very clear message to gun owners and sportsmen in Virginia that their rights are already under attack in Richmond.
CSGV is an extremist group that demands harsher gun control restrictions and laws than the Brady Campaign. Their activists have advocated for the criminilization of private gun ownership, limited magazine capacity and gun bans. They've also made the NRA their number one target. Here's more from their website:

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  1. I could care less if he confiscates every gun in Virginia. Everyone knew what he was and elected him anyway. You got exactly what you deserve.


    1. That was mind boggling and in Virginia, the deer capitol of the states..