Thursday, November 21, 2013

NUCLEAR: Harry Reid, Senate Dems Trash Precedent, Change Filibuster Rules

Trying to take the focus off Obamacare.

UPDATE - And in a flash, it's over. The nuclear option is now a nuclear reality.

Read Sen. Mitch McConnell's impassioned speech by clicking through. Just three Senate Democrats voted with all Republicans to keep the filibuster rules intact. Democrats govern with an 'ends justify the means' mentality. They pioneered circuit court filibusters under Bush, then changed the rules when Republicans used their own tactic against them. Rest assured that they will start threatening to nuke the legislative filibuster when it suits their needs. Maybe the GOP can play hardball and beat them to the punch next time they have a majority. This is exactly right

Harry Reid lit this fire. Let the Senate burn. And what future Republican majorities could do in this brave new world is precisely what veteran Democrat Sen. Carl Levin is worried about:

More @ Townhall

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