Saturday, December 21, 2013

Lincoln and His Legacy


Joseph Sobran, RIP



At this point it is probably futile to try to reverse the deification of Abraham Lincoln. Next year, if I know my countrymen, the bicentennial of his birth will be marked by stupendously cloying anniversary observances, all of them affirming, if not his literal divinity, at least something mighty close to it.

No doubt we will hear from the high priests and priestesses of the Lincoln cult: Doris Kearns Goodwin, Garry Wills, Harry V. Jaffa, and all the rest of the tireless hagiographers of academia, who regularly rate Honest Abe one of our two greatest presidents, right up there with Stalin’s buddy Franklin D. Roosevelt, father of the nuclear age and defiler of the U.S. Constitution. Such, we are told, is the Verdict of History.

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  1. "Only when the war ended and he was shot did people begin to transform him into a hero and martyr of the Union cause. "

    If you're going to assassinate somebody, you have to do it early and certainly before they win. Otherwise, you just create a martyr.

    1. Yes, if JWB had been successful in kidnapping him the year before, who knows what would have transpired.