Thursday, December 5, 2013

LTC, Left-Of-Lenin Liberal, Robert Bateman’s Response to A Patriot


 Might be one of Oleg's above.

What do you not understand about the 2nd Amendment of my US Constitution? Did you not swear an oath to defend and protect the US Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic? In my honest opinion, if you are not in the military for that reason, you are a traitor. Washington had men severely punished for lesser crimes than what you are proposing during the Revolutionary War.

The Constitutional second amendment GUARANTEES me the right to defend myself and family against tyrants like you with a firearm. Owning firearms is not some privilege bestowed upon me from a king or dictator. It is a god-given right under natural law that it is my duty to protect my family and myself and if that means a firearm or pistol, so be it. Get it? You progressive f_cks think you got it all figured out. Let’s change the Constitution and it will all be fixed. Ha. Dream on dimwit.

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