Sunday, January 5, 2014

Making America Safe From Itself



Now that the green Nazis have at last implemented their ban on the evil incandescent  light bulb and that the EPA has shown its willingness to SWAT teams to enforce its absurd and draconian regulations we should all brace ourselves for a new enforcement arm of the EPA.

The protocols for disposing of burned out or broken compact florescent bulbs is but another example of government solutions being worse than the alleged problem.  Anybody who thinks that people are going to follow all these protocols are idiots. People  are basically lazy and more than willing to follow the path of least resistance, so they are going to toss them in the trash just like with any other broken or useless item.

This will lead to some EPA cubicle fascist to devise a response to this new "environmental crisis" which will be to establish a new light bulb disposal police force.  The Broken Compact Florescent Bulb Disposal Administration (BCFBDA) will be a special adjunct to the TSA in cooperation with the EPA, with special electric green uniforms with jackbooted Redi-Kilowatt patches on the shoulders and on their nifty officer style caps.


  1. From WND in 2007
    "President Bush signed the 822-page measure into law today after it was sent up Pennsylvania Avenue in a Toyota Prius hybrid vehicle. The House passed the bill by a 314-100 vote after approval by the Senate last week."

    Never forget the RINOS did this.

    1. Toyota Prius hybrid vehicle

      Good Lord. I believe you can still get them for drop lights.