Wednesday, January 29, 2014

NC: Meddlesome Moms Want to Censor Your Facebook Page!

It’s no surprise that America’s newest anti-freedom group, Moms Demand Action Gun Bans (a wholly owned subsidiary of Michael Bloomberg’s anti-freedom Mayors Against Illegal Guns), would be interested in abrogating your first and second amendment rights. Their latest attack on your freedoms comes via social media, where they are encouraging Facebook to limit your right to advertise your lawfully-owned firearms for sale on the world’s largest social networking website.

Their misguided ad claims that Facebook “hosts” gun sales. To the contrary: Facebook is simply a vehicle for communicating, not unlike a newspaper, a bulletin board in the lunchroom, or an Internet discussion forum. In fact, Facebook would be a terrible place to conduct illegal gun sales; any criminal foolish enough to break the law by selling guns illegally on Facebook would find his communications well documented for the resulting criminal court proceedings.

Where will these intrusions into free speech end? Would agreeing to lend your friend a modern sporting rifle through a Facebook instant message violate the rules that the Nanny Moms are pushing to enact? It’s no secret that the Nanny Moms already want to make it a federal crime to lend your friend a rifle (as the draconian and unconstitutional state laws of Colorado and New York already do—laws that many Colorado sheriffs have recognized as unconstitutional, and laws that they have refused to enforce).

Perhaps the Moms’ next step will be to ban parking lots and dark alleys and trunks of cars, where criminals might also ply their trade. All the while, they are steadily chipping away at your God given rights to keep and bear arms, and to free speech.

Moms Demand Action’s ultimate goal is to completely disarm Americans. Their misguided belief that barring people the right to arm themselves for lawful self-defense will somehow make us “safer” is as insidious as their willingness to use their children to further their misguided political agenda.
What will you do to combat the Bloomberg-funded Nanny Moms? Will you stand idly while they work tirelessly to abrogate your constitutional rights? Or will you stand up and be heard?

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