Friday, January 3, 2014

Why there will be war

Via Carl

As the Left foams at the mouth over Phil Robertson, the Christian man who described Almighty God's take on homosexuality and other gross sins, their fear is becoming more and more apparent.

They seem gradually to be realizing that they are a pernicious minority that only thrives because they are bolstered by Obama's morally corrupt federal government; intellectually lightweight media, devoid of principles; and interestingly, a general decency of American people influenced by the nation's Judeo-Christian roots. The masses, however, are becoming increasingly fed up with the Left's imposition of a twisted worldview that does not comport with anything resembling America as it was founded, and they are voicing that sentiment by the thousands. So far, the pushback is with protests
and petitions against amoral multi-million-dollar corporations, such as Cracker Barrel and A&E.

Such benign acts of self-preservation will not continue indefinitely.

If it were not so pathetic, it would be laughable that some leftists actually think that they can dictate to those of us who oppose their worldview how we should say things that offend them.

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