Sunday, February 9, 2014


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Produces the most unique and safest galvanized corrugated pipe shelter on the market today with a 200 year life-span so many generations of your family will be able to use your shelter. What makes our shelter different is that we have laser cut all our steel bulkheads and we have reused the cutout plate as a doorway so you have an extra door inside the bunker so the bulkhead at the main entrance has now become a private bathroom and a lockout chamber. Also in most cases you have two main hatches.

In our case you have one main hatch and one emergency hatch that is concealed 12 inches below the surface that is completely consealed. In the case an intruder tries to enter your bunker through the main hatch, you have a means to escape by digging out through the ATLAS ESCAPE HATCH and escape or defend your shelter. All pipe shelters have underfloor storage and 7 'ceiling heights.

This type of bunker has a 20 year proven record and is the best NBC fallout shelter for the money.
Diameters of 8 ', 9', 10 ', 11' 12 'x 20' to 50 'lengths are available on custom orders.

Prices start at $ 49,900.