Monday, February 10, 2014

Grave Discovery: Civil War (sic) dead all over Castlewood couple's property

Six Graves of Many Receive Markers

Imagine getting ready to go on vacation when, all of a sudden, a visitor shows up and says that you have lost graves on your lawn.

That's what happened to Bick and Judy Gibson, a couple of Castlewood, Va., residents who live in the Mud Hole Store section of Russell County, near Bickley Mills.

Some historians from Kentucky approached the Gibsons in 2010, saying dead Confederate soldiers lay on their property.

These Civil War buffs followed a list of clues as detailed in the book "Bluegrass Confederate: The Headquarters Diary of Edward O. Guerrant" (Louisiana State University Press, 1999).

In the diary, contained in “Bluegrass Confederate,” it's mentioned the soldiers "were encamped at the Mud Hole store, and they crossed the Clinch River," Bick Gibson said.

That did happen here: As many as 800 soldiers camped out in the vicinity of what is now the 1863 home belonging to Bick and Judy Gibson and built for Bick's ancestors, Dr. Samuel Wesley Gibson and his wife, Harriet.

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