Sunday, February 2, 2014

Stupidity, Cowardice, and Dishonesty Have Consequences

Boehner's Deceptive Immigration Scheme

         Trading Our Country for Special Interest Campaign Money and Liberal Media Favor

On Thursday, January 30, Republican U.S. House leaders endorsed a document entitled "Republican Standards for Immigration Reform" written by Becky Tallent, John Boehner's recently hired Immigration Liaison and Gang of Eight member John McCain's former chief of staff and manager of his earlier amnesty push with Ted Kennedy. The document endorsed the concept of granting legal status but "no special path to citizenship" for illegal aliens. It stipulated that it is in the national interest to allow people in the United States illegally to "get right with the law" without fear of deportation." It also endorses massive new legal immigration.

 Its callous disregard for American workers, taxpayers, and families, many of whom are suffering unemployment, reduced hours, reduced income, and reduced healthcare coverage,  is absolutely astonishing. It may make the liberal media happy and may swell the profits of corporations that make extensive use of cheap illegal and relatively cheap legal foreign labor, but it demonstrates the accumulating moral blindness that destroys even the greatest of nations and empires. It is a poisoned chalice that would first destroy the Republican Party and then the nation.

 No one with any common sense and knowledge of American politics believes that the passage of legislation granting legal status to illegal immigrants but denying them a path to citizenship will last longer than the Democrat Party can write sob-story legislation giving the newly legalized immigrants a path to citizenship. This proposal will only result in legalization, which most sensible Republicans do not want anyway, followed almost immediately by an emotional appeal for "corrective" legislation to give them a path to citizenship. As such, it is completely dishonest.  It is also clearly cheap-labor special interest legislation that will devastate the economic well being of American workers, taxpayers and their families. According to Heritage Foundation data, the  fiscal cost would still be about $6.3 Trillion, probably more, since the implementation time would certainly be moved up. Yet this fiscal outrage is only half of what the special interest employers of illegal immigrant workers demand. They want to bring in another 30 million foreign workers in the span of a decade, threatening American jobs and driving down the wages and benefits of American workers.

NONE OF THIS IS IN THE NATIONAL INTEREST!!!  It is for special interest campaign money that this gang of cheap-labor special interest pawns are betraying the vast majority of Republican voters and the nation. We can be sure that these powerful commercial and media interests are straining every nerve and financial and media resource to elect or re-elect their pawns and obscure their ruthless disregard for American workers, American families, and American heritage. Follow the money!

Probably 80 to 85 percent of Republicans in the U.S. House are loyal to conservative principles and have the intellectual confidence and courage to withstand liberal media and special interest corruption. But the remaining 15 to 20 percent are in a position to betray the vast majority of Republican and conservative voters and the common good by surrendering to special interest campaign money and the favor of liberal media. Combined with the near uniform radical leftist insanity and Obama idolatry that now dominates the Democrat Party in every region, the stupidity, cowardice, and corruption of a large enough Republican minority could destroy the nation and any reasonable possibility of political, social, or economic recovery.
Unfortunately, the present Republican leadership in Congress and the RNC has been drawn from the most liberal, most analytically negligent, and most special interest corrupted 15 percent. That relatively small but powerful minority is making the whole Republican Party look spineless and without principle to its normally most devoted constituents.

A February 2013 Backgrounder Report by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) gave strong indications that Republicans would gain no immigrant voters by voting for any form of "legalization," i. e.  amnesty, but a large part of their conservative constituency would not turn out to vote for a party or candidates whose leadership is obviously looking out for special interests rather than their interests or the overall good of the country. What would be left of the once center-right Republican Party would be quickly overwhelmed by growing rolls of big government oriented new voters, who are also considerably less socially conservative than claimed by special interest advocates of open-door immigration. An August 2001 CIS report indicated the same result. Amnesty is Republican suicide.

 The Boehner gang's immigration principles are a direct insult to the conservative base of the party. They are also stupid, cowardly, and appallingly dishonest. If passed, the tidal wave of new big-government voters would destroy the Republican Party, leaving the Democrat Party in permanent control of every issue: Constitutional, fiscal, economic, social, and moral.  National security, public safety, education, and foreign policies would be governed by leftist Democrat ideology. The Second Amendment and every amendment and article of the Constitution would become meaningless history. Life, liberty, and property would be at the discretion of secularist ideologues hostile to Judeo-Christian religion, values, and worldviews.

Furthermore, what good is any agreement with Obama? Is it not yet abundantly clear that Obama's only real principle is the advancement of his own agenda? He evidences no respect for law, truth, or previous promises. Legislative history also indicates that conservative Republicans have little warrant for trusting the promises of Democrat leaders Reed, Schumer, and Pelosi.

 Republicans have a great opportunity to trounce the Democrats in 2014 and 2016, but our Republican leaders in Washington are making proposals that will destroy the Republican Party.  Not many people follow a white surrender flag with enthusiasm.

Even worse, this shameless attempt to hoodwink the Republican base by Boehner and his special-interest-money enslaved leadership team is provoking massive grass roots antagonism toward the National Republican Party. If continued, it will result in massive conservative desertion.

 We need a dramatic change in Republican leadership in Congress and the RNC, and it is too urgent to wait until after the 2014 election or even the primaries.

Greed and the lust for power and privilege are vices that narrow and distort our perception, deaden both the heart and the intellect, and quench moral courage. It is time to drive the money-changers out of the temple of liberty lest liberty be destroyed.

Here are a few only slightly altered lines from a Scottish protest song from about 1707 that seem especially appropriate to American  conservatives today.

"What's the spring-breathing jasmine and rose?
What's the summer with all its gay train,
Or the splendor of autumn to those
Who've bartered our freedom for gain?

Mike Scruggs
Hendersonville, NC
a former Republican County Chairman


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