Thursday, March 27, 2014

NC: Damn, if this don't take the cake! :) Did killer have a gun permit? None of our business


Actually a better question would be "Does Doug Clark have a brain"?


This is a good reminder, mentioned in our ongoing coverage of Monday's tragic events:

"At least one of the two dead women — Goode — was shot, according to police. It's unclear if Smith had a permit to own a gun. Gun permits and concealed handgun permits are not public information according to a new N.C. General Statute that went into effect in October."

I've written about this before, in the context of domestic violence.

Our legislature is so tightly controlled by the gun lobby that it granted a demand to make gun permits -- formerly public records -- confidential.

So a woman, possibly threatened with death by her husband or boyfriend, is not entitled to know if he has a permit to purchase a handgun.

More irrelevant Left-Of-Lenin dribble, if you can stomach it, @ Winston-Salem Journal


  1. The title should be, "why should these woman be forced to have a permit to protect themselves"......