Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Armed guards surround Bundy, supporters fear imminent threat


 Local rancher Cliven Bundy may have his cattle back, but his supporters say they are still preparing for an imminent threat.

Militia groups from all over the country say they are flocking to the Bundy ranch to protect the family from a feared federal government raid.

The Bureau of Land Management allowed Bundy to release his cattle Saturday, after they felt threatened.

Bundy now has a whole contingent of armed guards surrounding him 24 hours a day.

"They're just there, trying to make sure something crazy doesn't happen to him," Bundy's son Ammon Bundy said.

His security detail and family feel he is someone to be protected because of what the federal government could do.

"There were snipers on the hills and armed guards and you know, military forces with cameras all over." Ammon Bundy said.

Cliven Bundy fears that the government could gather up again because they never reached a formal deal.

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  1. And this is why humans (and the "freefor") are DOOMED! Taking a pregnant wife and three year old to a potential fire fight?? WTF-O?? No SPF OR hat (look at the locals) so "red" is gonna be a casualty in about six more hours.(the baby and pail faced moma got less than two Hr. without shade and LOTS of water before MEDIVAC)No extra mag's for that Saiga. No water in the driest-HOTTEST place in North America.--- We cannot win this with stupid , and so far this whole "Bundy Ranch" thing has been a freak show for stupid human tricks. This has gotten so goofy that Mike V. and Capt. Chemtrail are headed that way to make "public appearance's" . This thing has turned into reality TV, with Bubba posing for his-her 15 min. of face time and fame. If the feds grow some balls this is gonna' be over in 30 seconds. The "patriots" are now a total C.F. with no preparation , no plan, and no clue to what 10 guys with M-24's will do to them and their 400 yard max range carbines in the first 30 seconds. They have already lost and don't even know it. What really scares the S*** out of me is that the bloodbath that this slaughter will spark won't end in my lifetime.---Ray

    1. the bloodbath that this slaughter will spark won't end in my lifetime.

      Better try, otherwise the ones we leave behind will have to contend with it, and people wonder why Southerners still hate.

  2. So, do you think Bari is having second thoughts about f-ing with the people of this country, I hope so, because if this BS turns into all out war, he's on the top of a whole lot of peoples list, not mine of coarse.....;)

    1. If he has any brains, yes and you didn't need to clarify your list as I know he's one of your favorite people.......:)