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Common Core in North Carolina: The Story

Via NC Renegade

Published on Apr 9, 2014
I thought I knew a lot about Common Core, but I was blown away by some of the information revealed by Whitney Neal at the March meeting of the Lake Norman conservatives. MUST watch this video ALL THE WAY THROUGH - learn why simply removing the words "Common Core" from NC General Statutes, as has been suggested by several NC legislators, will NOT rid North Carolina of Common Core. Don't be fooled! Sample appropriate repeal legislation can be seen at the following link; even this will not completely rid NC of the Common Core and its associated programs, but FULLY repealing the mandates from the statutes is the first step on the path to reclaiming NC's sovereignty in education:

The final meeting of the North Carolina Common Core Study Committee is April 24 at 10 AM. The committee may submit legislation to the NCGA for a hearing during the short session (which begins in May), but they MUST approve the measure at the April 24 meeting in order for Common Core repeal to be heard this year. The deadline for the committee to submit their legislation in order to be eligible for NCGA short session hearing is April 25. Study Committee members are to receive legislative proposals 10 days in advance of the meeting; however, if it is the case that Chairmen Soucek & Holloway neglect to send the legislation to the members in advance, the advanced-notice rule may be waived at the committee meeting by a motion, a second, and a 2/3 vote to do so. If the committee instead brings forward symbolic "remove the name Common Core" legislation, activitsts should let committee members know that they expect them to motion for a substitute amendment and replace the intelligence-insulting measure with the more substantial repeal legislation. More info on timing:

Also of note: there has been a lot of discussion from the NC administration about a new plan for teacher pay increases & bonuses. Sounds great, but from where is the money to come? What many may not realize is that the McCrory teacher bonus plan entails accepting ANOTHER ROUND of Race to the Top funds - the round 3 of RttT discussed in the video as tying NC data mining to the Department of Health & Human Services and subjecting NC parents to "home visits." McCrory has acknowledged that his plan entails the teacher bonus pay coming from RTTT Round 3: "McCrory proposed rewarding 1,000 top teachers with $10,000 stipends, with the money coming from the state's federal Race to the Top grant funds. Using the money for stipends would require federal approval, Atkinson said, because it would mean taking money from another grant-funded endeavor." Read more here:

Remember that nothing in this world is free, this is especially true of "free money" coming from the federal government. Accepting Race to the Top funding has entailed selling the freedom, livelihood, and privacy of North Carolina's children. For more information on this aspect, see:

This informational video was produced as a part of my ongoing independent journalism project to shine light upon human injustice & corporate-government control freaks. Please contribute to my cause so that I may continue in this venture! More info & follow my projects here:

MANY MANY THANKS to Whitney Neal of FreedomWorks for sticking it to the Common Core big government control freaks, to the Lake Norman Conservatives for providing interesting forums focused on individual freedom and government transparency, to Major Dave NC & FreedomWorks for the NC Common Core Study Committee footage integrated throughout the video, and to the many North Carolina freedom fighters that have put countless hours into researching, sign making, advocating, phone-calling, letter-writing, and traveling to be a voice for the children of NC.

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