Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lincoln’s Leftist Associates – Part 3

Via Billy

In 1860, Abraham Lincoln won the Republican Party nomination for president, with lots of help from Horace Greeley, and also lots of help from socialist Carl Schurz, who worked at rallying the German-American Forty-eighters and ordinary German voters as well.  Your ordinary German voter had no idea what was being pulled on him via Schurz and the rest of the Forty-eighter immigrants in this country. They were all being recruited to combat the “slaveholding capitalists” in the South while ignoring Northern railroad and banking capitalists.  As I stated earlier, it was really the Southern capitalists they were after. The Northern variety got an automatic pass–and most folks never noticed, just like they’ve been conditioned via the media today to not notice the almost total lack of any substantive information about the individual sitting in the White (Red) House.


  1. I printed out all 3 parts today so that I can study it better. It explained something I have always wondered about regarding the socialist bent of farmers in Wisconsin west to North Dakota. Geez, it appears they were infiltrated long ago by the Marxists.

    1. it appears they were infiltrated long ago by the Marxists.

      Sad to say. They warned us after Vietnam that they were going into the halls of the universities and we ignored them as we did the Russian agent in his interview in the early eighties. It can't happen here, but it did and it's all our fault