Wednesday, April 23, 2014

NC: Deputy Says She Snatched Two Cellphones and Detained Former Marine After He Got ‘Aggressive’ — But the Video Tells a Different Story

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A North Carolina deputy with the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office was caught on video confiscating two different cellphones and detaining a former U.S. Marine after she claims he got “aggressive.” Her claims are now being called into question after video of the incident surfaced online.

The deputy, identified as Natalie Barber by Photography Is Not a Crime, was responding to a dog-related dispute between Carlos Jaramillo and a neighbor on Saturday.

Barber is seen on video asking Jaramillo for identification for the police report, an order he complies with by giving her his government-issued Veterans Affairs card. When she demanded he give her his driver’s license instead, he refused and claimed he wasn’t operating a motor vehicle.

“This is a government-issued ID,” Jaramillo calmly says in the video. “So why isn’t this good enough for you?”

“I don’t want that, I’m not taking it,” the officer replies.

“Even though it’s a government issued ID,” the man is heard repeating.

“Sir, we’re done,” Barber says.

“We’re not done,” Jaramillo responds.

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  1. If Barber is a former Marine, why is she such a bully fraidy cat??? If she is now an officer of the 'Peace,' then why is she such a bully fraidy cat???

    1. I didn't see where she was identified as a former Marine.....?

    2. It was in the imbedded video further down in the article - she was a drill instructor, and the vid shows her screaming at one of her female recruits. Then there was this line that just made my day:

      "Jaramillo reportedly complained to Barber’s supervisors about the incident but was told the officer acted properly because she feared for her safety."

      What a cop-out (hmm wonder where that phrase came from).

  2. I've always considered Sheriff Ed Brown (her boss) to be a reasonable sheriff. He's also up for re-election and has a couple of challengers. It's going to be interesting to see how he reacts to this. I live 2 counties over, about 20 miles from his county line.

  3. Brock, I realize you are even closer to Sheriff Brown's county than I. What about 4 miles or so?

    Tonight on the 6pm local news they ran the story and covered it fairly including an interview with the high sheriff. He indicated that she was a good officer with a background of service to her country and he said "I feel confident that her career can be salvaged" or words to that effect. He went on to say she would be undergoing 6 weeks of training with another officer working with her on a daily basis.

    Given the privacy laws relating to personnel matters these days I think he gave her about as much public flogging as he could short of saying she had been fired. Knowing what I do about Sheriff Brown, I wouldn't have wanted to be her when she stood before him.

    I'm not meaning to sound like I know Brown personally or have a preference for him.
    My opinion is formed from many years of seeing news reports about his county involving him and his deputies and from living near there and passing through his county many times.

    1. Thanks and I'm surprised the action he took which I think proper, something you don't see these days.

  4. Must have been the "time of her life cycle" Power tripping cops...

  5. Cunning stunt, Deputy Natalie.