Thursday, May 15, 2014

17-year-old high school student beats sitting W.Va. lawmaker in GOP primary

Via LH

A week before her high school graduation, Saira Blair was barely old enough to vote when she unseated a West Virginia lawmaker almost four times her age.

After Tuesday's GOP primary, the 17-year-old is one election away from becoming the youngest state lawmaker in West Virginia history. Larry Swan, sworn in as a 20-year-old delegate in 1972, set the current record.

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  1. Insanely wrong!

    AS, "touch me feel me good" as this is to itchy and tickled ears, come on, experience, knowledge?!~
    I know we all have to start on some level, but I really believe she needs at least 3-4 years as an intern or some other lower venue so she can pack on some experience, some knowledge of the system...

    She'll also be needing more people skills, intuition and other "Adult" experiences to handle most of the people she will be coming in contact with, much less gaining respect from them, her being a Representative of the people and especially a law maker has very serious implications to the lives she'll be representing.

    This young lady has no knowledge, no learned discernment, no honed perception, no trained skills of how the basics of our political system works, nor experienced in the ways this political system operates, which has the potential of making her decisions dangerous!

    Electing her is like putting a 7 year old child behind the wheel of a powerful automobile, he has experienced "observed" others driving the car, but has no knowledge of how to operate it, you put him behind the wheel and cut him loose and he'll end up ruining innocent lives, if not getting someone killed by his lack of inexperienced and or by his being ignorance...

    She's not experienced any hands on operations of this political system to comfortably put her behind the wheel, just silly that we would think she can handle this and damn well irresponsible.

    She will be making decisions that will effect other peoples lives and I sure as all get out would never trust someone fresh outta high school to do that without having been thoroughly and properly trained or interned for that position for at least 5 more years of her life!

    1. May well be, but if she simply stands firm on her current views, she will far exceed 90% of the current villains in Congress now.

  2. Having set next to her for a few hours at a local gun gathering in NOT let her age fool you. Her father has passed on quite a bit of knowledge, and she is a very fast learner. She will do just fine in that position.
    That I can guarantee you.

    She IS the future, since the present and the past have led us to nothing but more of the same.