Friday, May 16, 2014

Spring 2014 NC PATCON: Liberty Alive

0730 Wednesday May 7th, 2014

Black Beards Revenge was loaded and with my brother and his son, we embarked on our 10+ hour journey south of the Mason Dixon line to meet up with one of the most hospitable Southern Gentlemen I ever had the honor to shake hands with.  Brock and his wonderful daughter Dixie would once again host another PatCon in North Carolina that makes this "Good" Yankee drive south to attend.  We arrived, set up camp, shook hands with Brock and Dixie and made a small fire that evening while anxiously awaiting for others to arrive.  The nefarious Dixieland Peacock made sure to taunt us like the French man in Monty Pythons Holy Grail once again.

 Thursday May 8th, 2014

While nothing was on our plate other than an emergency Walmart run, other Patriots began to show up and we assisted them with setting up their camps and/or shaking hands.  An OpSec course was held, but since its OpSec, I will keep OpSec by not saying anymore about that. ;)

A lot of smiles, laughter, and catching up with old Patriots as well as new ones took place today as we all anxiously awaited for the arrival of others.  Patriots began to fall into ranks even at 1:30 in the morning.  Those that dared embrace the fire, stars and spirits were there to embrace the lovely Holly and her ever so steadfast man Sam.  Yes, I was up for that.


  1. Fantastic job summarizing the event, Israel. I am so glad I got to meet you (and rub your noggin' ) - You remind me of my favorite Viking warrior. ;)

  2. Nice article. Once again I missed the event. I'm hoping for the fall. Seems like being
    only an hour or so away I could make it but somehow it just doesn't work out.

  3. 275.8 mi, 4 hr 54 min driving
    not close but it's only a drive East until I hit water it looks like :)

    I noticed a lack of talk of target shooting here and on your blog, Brock.
    Is that not a normal component to the `Cons or does it depend on location?

    1. Cape Carteret is almost on the water, but Dixieland, where the PACONS are held, is a good ways from it. I only have 6 acres, so really not enough for gunfire with the amount of people and children who come, though they are all armed, I am sure. Thanks.

  4. It was a pleasure to see familiar faces as well as new ones. Keep in mind that all this was made possible through the graciousness of Brock and his remarkable Southern hospitality.

    Sioux, you can rub this "Viking warrior" noggin any time. That's not the first time I have been told I resemble a Viking or the one person on the tv show Vikings. ;)

    In Liberty,

    1. & not possible without the participation of our dear Yankee friends who evidently have paid off someone in connection with the raffle.......:)

      I'm sure our Copperhead friend, Sioux will be eagerly awaiting your arrival in October for many rubs. :) Susan, did I mention that you left our hero Bald Eagle's folder that you assembled? Can't remember for sure.