Sunday, June 1, 2014

Is it time yet to talk honestly about Maya Angelou?

Via Cousin John

When excited bulletins on cable news let the public know that Maya Angelou had passed away, I bit my tongue and stayed my keyboard.  I generally follow the rule of letting the dead rest in peace for a day or two before writing critically of them. But this fine piece by Daniel J. Flynn in the American Spectator covers many of the points I would have brought up about the late poet/madam/actress/communist/all around phony.


  1. The woman was messed up. This video explains it all in detail. Lest you think it's all "woe is Maya" the end points out the lady's rank hypocrisy and blatant ans deep seeded racism.

  2. Brock My mom went to Berea College in the late 60's and early 70's . As a teenager I met MANY "black leaders and thinkers" that lectured there. The one thing about ALL of them that stuck with me was how much they ALL hated whites and how they ALL advocated white genocide. This wasn't limited to the communist revolutionaries , but included icons like Bishop Desmond Tutu and Rev. Ralph Abernathy. I learned VERY early that every American black "leader" I met was a complete phony , hated me , and considered me , a 15 year old white boy, the root of all evil. I also learned that each and every one of them wanted me DEAD. As Dick Gregory told me at a reception my mother took me to in 1973 "I want to see every white child dead. We will never be free until we kill ALL of you white devils" I heard much the same from the "black leadership" all my life , so all I can say about this trash is GOOD RIDDNCE!!!----Ray